Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Size Chart – Tips and Tricks Included

Have you ever found yourself struggling to find the perfect sports bra size? Look no further than Victoria’s Secret. Known for their lingerie, Victoria’s Secret also offers a variety of sports bras to keep you comfortable and supported during your workouts. But how do you know which size to get? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with Victoria’s Secret sports bra size chart.

Finding the right fit for your body type can make all the difference in how you feel during a workout. Keep reading to learn more about their sizing and find the perfect fit for you.

Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Size Chart

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Dashed lines (–) indicate that the bra size does not have an XS-XL equivalent.

What is a Sports Bra?

When it comes to finding the perfect sports bra, it’s essential to get the sizing right. Fortunately, Victoria’s Secret offers a handy sports bra size chart to help you find your ideal fit. This chart takes into account both your band size and cup size to ensure that you get the right amount of support and comfort during your workouts.

It’s important to note that sports bras should fit tighter than regular bras to provide adequate support and prevent unwanted movement while exercising. The right size will also help prevent chafing and discomfort, allowing you to focus on your workout. So, before you purchase your next sports bra, take a few minutes to consult Victoria’s Secret’s size chart and find the perfect fit for your body.

Explanation of the Importance of a Proper Sports Bra Fit

Sports Bra When it comes to physical activities, wearing a sports bra is essential for every woman. It is a special type of undergarment designed to provide proper support and comfort during any physical activity. Whether you are running, doing yoga, or playing seasonal sports, wearing a sports bra is crucial for preventing any discomfort or potential damage to breast tissue.

However, it is equally important to ensure that the sports bra fits correctly. A proper sports bra fit will provide the right amount of support, reduce bouncing, and prevent the breasts from sagging. The right fit can also prevent chafing, rubbing, and other irritations that could occur during exercise.

It’s important to note that properly fitting sports bras can improve your workout performance and endurance by providing utmost comfort and support. A sports bra that is too tight or too loose may be uncomfortable, causing distractions or even pain. Therefore, it’s vital to get measured regularly to ensure the right fit as our breast shape and size change throughout our life.

So, invest in a good quality sports bra that is tailored to your body and provides maximum support and comfort to achieve an enjoyable workout experience.

victoria secret sports bra size chart

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Different Types of Sports Bras

A sports bra is a specially designed bra that aims to provide support to breasts during physical activity or exercise. Unlike regular bras, sports bras are made from materials that offer firm compression and support to reduce breast movement during exercise, minimizing discomfort, and preventing injury. Sports bras come in different types and styles to cater to various levels of activity and breast sizes.

Some types include encapsulation, compression, and combination sports bras, among others. Encapsulation sports bras have separate cups that support each breast individually, making them suitable for low to medium-impact activities. Compression sports bras provide overall compression, suitable for high-impact activities as they hold the breasts close to the chest, reducing bounce.

Combination sports bras combine encapsulation and compression types to provide maximum support for large-breasted women during intense physical activity. It is essential to find a sports bra that fits properly, provides support, and is comfortable during exercise to reduce discomfort and prevent injury.

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How to Measure Your Bra Size for Victoria’s Secret Sports Bras

If you’re looking for the perfect sports bra from Victoria’s Secret, it’s essential to know your correct size. The Victoria’s Secret sports bra size chart is easy to use and provides a comprehensive guide to help you measure yourself accurately. First, you need to take two measurements: your band measurement, which is the distance around your ribcage, just below your bust, and your cup measurement, which is the distance around the fullest part of your bust.

Then, you can use the size chart to determine your size. Victoria’s Secret offers a variety of sports bras with different levels of support, ranging from low to maximum support. It’s important to consider the intensity of your workout and your personal preferences when selecting a sports bra.

With Victoria’s Secret sports bras, you can enjoy stylish designs and excellent support, whether you’re running, practicing yoga, or lifting weights.

Step-by-Step Guide to Measuring Your Bra Size

If you’re looking to buy a Victoria’s Secret sports bra, you’ll want to make sure you know your accurate bra size to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit. To measure your bra size, you’ll need a measuring tape and someone to assist you. The first step is to stand up straight with no clothes on the upper body and wrap the measuring tape around your ribcage just underneath your breasts.

Make sure the tape is parallel to the ground and doesn’t twist or constrict. Round up to the nearest whole number and add 4 inches to get your band size. Next, measure the fullest part of your bust by wrapping the tape around the fullest part of your breasts, keeping it parallel to the ground.

Round this measurement to the nearest whole number and subtract your band size from it to get your cup size. Victoria’s Secret sports bras come in a variety of cup sizes, including AA, A, B, C, D, and DD. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to find a sports bra that fits you like a glove and provides the support and comfort you need during your workouts.

Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Size Chart and Sizing Tips

Victoria’s Secret sports bra size chart Choosing the right-sized sports bra can make a big difference in your workout and overall comfort. Victoria’s Secret offers a range of sports bras designed to provide support and comfort during any exercise routine. To find your perfect size, you will need to take your measurements.

First, wrap a measuring tape around your ribcage, just below your bust. Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight. Round up the measurement to the nearest even number to find your band size.

Next, measure around the fullest part of your bust and subtract your band measurement from this number to find your cup size. Use the Victoria’s Secret sports bra size chart to find your correct size. Keep in mind that sizes may vary depending on the style of the bra.

It is also important to consider the level of impact of your workout when choosing a sports bra. High-impact activities require more support and coverage, while low-impact activities may not need as much. With the right sports bra, you can feel confident and comfortable during any workout.

Summary of Key Takeaways from the Blog Post

Are you in search of the perfect Victoria’s Secret sports bra but have no idea how to measure for one? Fret not because we have got you covered. One key aspect to consider when buying a sports bra is to make sure it fits properly and provides enough support. You can measure your bra size by using a cloth tape measure and taking your measurements while wearing a lightly lined, non-padded bra.

Start by measuring your band size, which is the area directly underneath your bust. Then measure your bust size by wrapping the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. Once you have your measurements, you can refer to the sizing chart on Victoria’s Secret website to find your perfect fit.

Remember to re-measure yourself periodically, as your bra size can fluctuate over time. By doing this, you can ensure that you are always wearing a properly fitting sports bra that provides maximum comfort and support during all your workouts.


The Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Size Chart is like a roadmap for your breasts on the journey to athletic excellence. With its careful measurements and sleek design, it ensures that you will find the perfect size for your unique shape. So whether you’re hitting the gym, running a marathon, or just lounging around the house, you can trust that Victoria’s Secret has you covered (or uncovered, depending on your preference).

Remember, no matter what size you wear, the most important thing is to rock that sports bra with confidence and pride!


What is the size range for Victoria’s Secret sports bras?
Victoria’s Secret sports bras come in sizes ranging from XS to XL, with some styles also available in extended sizes.

How do I determine my correct size in a Victoria’s Secret sports bra?
To find your correct size in Victoria’s Secret sports bra, you should measure your bust and ribcage and use the brand’s size chart as a guide. Keep in mind that different styles may fit differently.

Can I exchange or return a Victoria’s Secret sports bra if it doesn’t fit?
Yes, Victoria’s Secret offers exchanges and returns on their sports bras, as long as they are in new condition with all tags attached. Check their website for specific details on their return policy.

Does Victoria’s Secret offer sports bras with different levels of support?
Yes, Victoria’s Secret offers sports bras in various support levels, from low impact to high impact. Be sure to check the product description to find the right level of support for your activity.

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