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Many online shoppers brought the wrong product just because they didn’t know the right size. We aim to help you to find the right size that fits you best. Whether you’re a man or a woman, provides helpful guides to make finding the right size easier than ever. At, you can get conversion size charts for Footwear, Ring, Jeans, Shirts, Bra, Belt, Bags and Sports Outfit. We cover all size charts in inches, centimetres, letters and numeric sizes. You can easily find UK, EU, US, AUS and Asian conversion size charts for male, female, adults, kids and toddlers. Our team is pleased to be here to assist with any questions you have about your items, such as their sizing and measurements

Why Should You Trust SizeChartly?🤔

✍🏻 How we write

SizeChartly team collects an updated size chart hard copy before writing on a specific brand or item. We always provide the right info and double check before posting. Our team is committed to making your fitting experience as easy as possible.

💡 Professoinal Team

Our team is made of full-time tailors and shoe and clothing store salespersons having first-hand experience of more than 10 years. We have adequate knowledge to guide you about the size matters more perfectly than any other random person.

🔎 Why Trust Us?

Our team members are Professional Tailors, Clothing Sales persons, and online shoppers like you. They handled thousands of size issues while serving their customers. SizeChartly is dedicated to providing you with the best shopping experience.

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What Inspired us to Start This Project?

When we were working for Apparel Store as Sales Representatives, we got many calls from customers asking for the different size charts. We had to find out their measurements first and then give them the best size that fits them. We found that the size charts were not available online for many brands. And also, the measurement tools didn’t really work for some people. 

It was so hard to get them right. We used to tell them to buy according to their measurement and if they were really fit to the size, they would get it. But sometimes, they would buy the wrong size because they couldn’t measure themselves accurately. So we thought, if we could have a visual chart to show them how big they are, they can be sure about what size they should buy.

So we decided to create our own website where we could provide people with sizing information in one place.