Find Your Perfect Fit: Reebok Sports Bra Size Chart for Every Body Type

Ladies, we all know the struggle of finding the perfect sports bra that offers both support and comfort during our workouts. And let’s be honest, getting the right size can be a daunting task. Luckily, Reebok has made it easier for us with its comprehensive sports bra size chart.

Understanding your correct size can make a tremendous impact on your comfort level and the efficiency of your workouts. We want you to get the best out of your activewear, and that starts with finding the perfect Reebok sports bra size. In this blog, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about the Reebok sports bra size chart, from how to measure yourself to finding the right fit and style for your body type.

So, let’s get started and find your perfect Reebok sports bra fit!

Reebok Sports Bra Size Chart

Bra SizeABC
Bra SizeDE

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Why a Size Chart is Important

When it comes to buying a sports bra, the importance of referring to a size chart cannot be stressed enough. A Reebok sports bra size chart will come in handy when making a purchase, as it helps you determine the right size for your body type and avoid any potential mishaps during your workout. A sports bra that is too small can cause discomfort and restrict your range of motion, while one that is too large will not provide adequate support, defeating the purpose.

The size chart takes into account your bust measurement and band size, allowing you to find the best fit for you. In addition, it is essential to remember that sizes can vary between brands, so even if you know your size in one brand, it is always a good idea to check the size chart for another brand before making a purchase. Choosing the right size sports bra can make all the difference, providing comfort, and support, and helping you to perform at your best.

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Accurate Sizing

If you’re shopping for clothes online, it’s important to pay attention to the size chart provided by the retailer. Accurate sizing can be the difference between a comfortable, flattering outfit and a frustrating and unflattering purchase. Plus, returning items can be a hassle and time-consuming.

That’s why it’s crucial to take the time to measure yourself and compare your measurements to the size chart provided. Keep in mind that different retailers may vary in their sizing, so it’s a good idea to double-check each time you shop. Don’t be afraid to reach out to customer service if you have any questions about sizing.

With a little bit of extra effort, you can ensure that you always get clothes that fit you perfectly!

Consistent Fit Across Products

When shopping for clothing, most people look for consistency in size across different products. That’s why having a reliable size chart is important for any fashion brand. A good size chart helps customers find the correct size for each of their items, reducing the chances of returns due to poor fit.

It’s especially crucial for online shopping, where customers cannot try clothes on before purchasing. A size chart that is easy to understand and accurate can significantly improve the shopping experience, as the customer can base their decisions on measurements rather than guesswork. Therefore, size charts help ensure that customers receive a consistent fit across all your products, and they can be confident in their purchases.

In essence, a size chart is one of the essential tools for any fashion brand that values customer satisfaction.

How to Measure for a Reebok Sports Bra

When it comes to finding the perfect Reebok sports bra, it’s important to know your size. Luckily, Reebok has a comprehensive size chart that can help you find the right fit. To measure yourself, you’ll need a soft measuring tape and a mirror.

Start by measuring around the fullest part of your bust, making sure the tape is parallel to the ground and not too tight. Next, measure around your ribcage, just beneath your bust, again ensuring the tape is parallel to the ground and snug but not too tight. Take note of both measurements and compare them to the Reebok size chart to find your perfect fit.

Keep in mind that it’s normal for your measurements to fluctuate over time, so be sure to remeasure yourself periodically for the best fit possible. With the right size, you’ll be able to tackle any workout in comfort and style.

Step One: Measure Your Band Size

If you’re in the market for a new sports bra, the first step is to measure your band size. This is a crucial step in finding the right fit for your body, as it will ensure that the bra provides the necessary support during your workouts. To measure your band size, you’ll need to wrap a measuring tape around your ribcage, just below your bust.

Make sure the tape is snug, but not too tight, and take note of the measurement in inches. This number is your band size. Keep in mind that sports bras often have different sizing compared to regular bras, so it’s important to check the brand’s sizing chart before making a purchase.

With the right band size, you’ll be well on your way to finding a sports bra that keeps you comfortable and supported throughout your workouts.

Step Two: Measure Your Cup Size

When it comes to finding the perfect sports bra, getting the right cup size is crucial for both comfort and support. To measure your cup size for a Reebok sports bra, begin by wearing a non-padded bra and standing straight against a wall. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your back, just below your shoulder blades.

Make sure it’s firm but not too tight. Then, bring the tape around the fullest part of your bust and record the measurement in inches. Next, subtract your band size, which is the measurement around your ribcage just below your breasts, from your bust measurement.

The difference between the two measurements will give you your cup size. If the difference is less than 1 inch, you’re an A cup, 1-2 inches is a B cup, 2-3 inches is a C cup, and so on. With the right cup size, you can comfortably and confidently take on any workout in a Reebok sports bra.

Step Three: Consult the Size Chart

When it comes to selecting a Reebok sports bra, proper fitting is crucial to ensure maximum comfort and support. After measuring your band and cup size, the next step is to consult the size chart provided by Reebok. The chart combines both your band and cup size to recommend the best size for you.

Keep in mind that different styles may fit differently, so it’s important to check the size chart for each bra you’re interested in. Additionally, consider factors such as the level of activity you’ll be engaging in and your personal preferences for fit, such as a tighter or looser feel. Remember that a properly fitting sports bra can make all the difference in the level of comfort and support you experience during your workouts, so take the time to measure and consult the size chart before making a purchase.

Understanding Reebok’s Sports Bra Sizing System

Reebok has a unique sizing system for its sports bras. It’s important to understand how their system works so that you can choose the right size and get the best support for your workouts. When looking at the Reebok sports bra size chart, you’ll notice that they use both traditional bra sizing (A, B, C, D) and XS-XL sizing.

The traditional bra sizing refers to the cup size, while the XS-XL sizing refers to the band size. For example, an XS bra would be equivalent to a 30-32 band size, while an XL bra would be equivalent to a 38-40 band size. To find your perfect fit, measure your band size and cup size and compare it to Reebok’s size chart.

Keep in mind that sports bras should fit more snugly than regular bras to provide proper support and minimize bounce. Don’t be afraid to try on a few sizes to see what feels the best for you. With the right size and support, you can feel confident and comfortable during your workouts, whether you’re running, jumping, or lifting.

Numeric Sizing vs. Letter Sizing

When it comes to buying a sports bra, one of the biggest questions women face is figuring out the right size. Unlike regular bras that primarily use letter sizing, sports bras often rely on a numerical system. Reebok, for example, has a sizing system that ranges from XS to XXL, with each size corresponding to a specific band and cup size.

It’s essential to note that this system is different from traditional bra sizing, so it’s crucial to measure yourself correctly before making a purchase. A common misconception is that sports bras should fit more snugly than regular bras, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, it’s essential to find a sports bra that fits comfortably without being too tight or restrictive.

The right fit will not only ensure comfort but also provide the necessary support for your physical activities. Overall, understanding Reebok’s sports bra sizing system and taking accurate measurements will allow you to find the right size and ultimately feel confident and comfortable during your workouts.

The Importance of Finding Your Perfect Fit

It’s essential to find the perfect sports bra that fits you just right, whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who exercises regularly. That’s why Reebok has come up with a unique sizing system that provides a perfect fit for all. Unlike standard bra sizes, the Reebok sizing system is based on specific measurements that take into account the bust, rib cage, and band size.

So, when you’re shopping for a Reebok sports bra, make sure you take accurate measurements of yourself to find the right size. Wearing a sports bra that fits well means less bouncing and more comfort during workouts, reducing the risk of injury, and enhancing your performance. Your sports bra should be snug but not too tight, as it needs to provide support without restricting your movement.

With the right fit, you can work out with confidence, knowing that your sports bra has got your back. So, go ahead and take those accurate measurements, find your perfect fit, and enjoy your workouts without any hassle!


In conclusion, the Reebok Sports Bra Size Chart is not just a simple matrix of measurements. It’s a secret code that unlocks the perfect fit for your bosom buddies. It’s a roadmap to ensure that you are not only comfortable and supported, but also fashionable and confident during your workouts.

So, next time you are on the hunt for a new sports bra, don’t just guess your size. Trust the chart and let it guide you to the perfect fit. Your girls will thank you.


What are the available sizes for Reebok Sports Bras?
Reebok Sports Bras are available in various sizes ranging from XS to XL. It is recommended to refer to the size chart to find the perfect fit.

How to determine the right size for Reebok Sports Bras?
To determine the right size for Reebok Sports Bras, you need to measure your bust and under-bust size. Then, refer to the size chart provided by Reebok to find the perfect fit.

Is the size chart for Reebok Sports Bras accurate?
Yes, the size chart provided by Reebok for their Sports Bras is accurate. However, it is important to take accurate measurements to find the perfect fit.

Can I exchange or return Reebok Sports Bras if I order the wrong size?
Yes, Reebok allows for exchanges and returns of Sports Bras if you order the wrong size. You can refer to their return policy for more information.

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