Ski Boot Size Chart: Find Your Perfect Fit Today!

Choosing the right ski boots is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable skiing experience. Ill-fitting boots can lead to discomfort, pain, and difficulty in maneuvering on the slopes. To ensure the perfect fit, it is important to refer to a ski boot size chart that provides accurate measurements for men, women, and children.

Ski Boot Size Chart for All

3′65-75 cm65-75 cm65-75 cm65-75 cm
3’2″75-85 cm75-85 cm75-85 cm75-85 cm
3’4″80-90 cm80-90 cm80-90 cm80-90 cm
3’6″85-95 cm85-95 cm85-95 cm85-95 cm
3’8″90-100 cm90-100 cm90-100 cm90-100 cm
3’10”95-105 cm95-105 cm95-105 cm95-105 cm
4′100-110 cm100-110 cm100-110 cm100-110 cm
4’2″105-115 cm105-115 cm105-115 cm105-115 cm
4’4″110-120 cm110-120 cm110-120 cm120-125 cm
4’6″115-118 cm118-121 cm122-125 cm125-132 cm
4’8″121-124 cm124-127 cm127-130 cm130-138 cm
4’10”124-129 cm129-134 cm134-139 cm139-148 cm
5′134-139 cm139-144 cm144-149 cm149-160 cm
5’2″139-144 cm144-149 cm149-154 cm154-165 cm
5’4″144-149 cm149-154 cm154-159 cm159-170 cm
5’6″149-154 cm154-159 cm159-164 cm164-175 cm
5’8″154-159 cm159-164 cm164-169 cm169-180 cm
5’10”159-164 cm164-169 cm169-174 cm174-185 cm
6′164-169 cm169-174 cm174-179 cm179-190 cm
6’2″169-174 cm174-179 cm179-184 cm184-195 cm
6’4″174-179 cm179-184 cm184-189 cm189-200 cm
6’6″179-184 cm184-189 cm189-194 cm194-205 cm
6’8″184-189 cm189-194 cm194-199 cm199-210+ cm

Understanding Ski Boot Sizes

Ski boots are typically sized in mondo point, which refers to the length of the foot in centimeters. This measurement is the most accurate way to determine the appropriate ski boot size for an individual. The mondopoint scale is universal and used by ski boot manufacturers worldwide.

The ski boot size chart usually includes both shoe size conversion and mondo point measurements. It is important to note that different ski boot manufacturers may have slight variations in their sizing, so it is always recommended to refer to the specific manufacturer’s size chart for the most accurate fitting.


Using the Ski Boot Size Chart

When using a ski boot size chart, you will need to measure the length of your foot in centimeters. To measure correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Place a plain piece of paper against a wall, ensuring it is flush against a straight edge.
  2. Stand on the paper with your heel touching the wall.
  3. Mark the longest part of your foot with a pencil or pen.
  4. Measure the distance from the edge of the paper to the mark you made on the paper. This measurement is your foot length in centimeters.

Once you have determined your foot length, find the corresponding mondopoint size on the ski boot size chart. Be mindful that ski boot sizes are not the same as regular shoe sizes, so it is crucial to use the correct size scale.



Ski Boot Size Chart: Find Your Perfect Fit Today!



Ski Boot Size Chart for Men

Below is a ski boot size chart specifically designed for men:

Foot Length (cm)Mondopoint Size (men)

Ski Boot Size Chart for Women

For women, the ski boot size chart is as follows:

Foot Length (cm)Mondopoint Size (women)

Ski Boot Size Chart for Children

When it comes to children’s ski boots, the sizing chart is slightly different:

Foot Length (cm)Mondopoint Size (children)

Note: The ski boot size may vary depending on the specific brand and model, so it is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s size chart for accurate measurements.

Using a ski boot size chart is crucial in finding the right fit and performance on the slopes. It is important to measure your feet accurately and consider the size conversion when determining your mondo point size. A proper-fitting ski boot will enhance your skiing experience, improve control and comfort, and minimize the risk of foot pain or injury. Remember to consult the manufacturer’s size chart for the most accurate fitting when selecting your ski boots.


Skier Height:3’2 – 3’43’5 – 3’83’9 – 4’04’1 – 4’44’5 – 4’84’9 – 5’05’1 – 5’35’4 – 5’65’7 – 5’95’10 – 6’06’1 – 6’36’4 – 6’6
Ski Pole Length (IN):32″34″36″38″40″42″44″46″48″50″52″54″
Ski Pole Length (CM):80859095100105110115120125130135


Skier Height:3’11” – 4’1″4’1″ – 4’3″4’3″ – 4’5″4’5″ – 4’7″4’7″ – 4’9″4’9″ – 4’11”4’11” – 5’1″5’1″ – 5’3″5’3″ – 5’5″5’5″ – 5’7″5’7″ – 5’9″5’9″ – 5’11”5’11” – 6’1″6’1″ – 6’3″6’3″ – 6’5″6’5″ +
Ski Pole Length (IN):36″38″40″42″44″46-28″49″52″54″56″575961636567
Ski Pole Length (CM):9095100105110115-120125130135140145150155160165170

Frequently Asked Questions about Ski Boot Size Chart: Find Your Perfect Fit Today!

What Is The Ski Boot Size Chart Based On?

The ski boot size chart is determined by measuring the length of your foot and matching it with the corresponding boot size.

How Do I Measure My Foot For Ski Boots?

To measure your foot for ski boots, simply place your foot on a piece of paper and trace around it. Measure the length from the heel to the longest toe.

Can Ski Boot Sizes Vary Between Different Brands?

Yes, ski boot sizes can vary between different brands. It’s always recommended to refer to each brand’s specific sizing chart for accurate measurements.

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