Hanna Andersson Size Chart: Find the Perfect Fit

Introducing the Hanna Andersson Size Chart! Whether you’re shopping for baby clothes, toddler outfits, or adult apparel, this guide has you covered. Learn all about Hanna Andersson’s sizing, measurements, and fit tips to ensure every purchase is a perfect fit!

Hanna Andersson Kids Size Chart


US SizeHanna SizeHeightWeight
285 cm30-34 in20-30 lbs
390 cm34-38 in26-33 lbs
4100 cm38-42 in31-38 lbs
5110 cm42-46 in37-48 lbs
6-7120 cm46-50 in45-55 lbs
8130 cm50-54 in52-64 lbs
10140 cm54-58 in62-80 lbs
12150 cm58-62 in75-95 lbs
14-16160 cm62-66 in88-110 lbs

Kids Swim

US SizeHanna SizeHeightWeight
280/85 cm20-30 lbs35-36 in
390 cm26-33 lbs36-37 in
4100 cm31-38 lbs37-40 in
5110 cm37-48 lbs40-43 in
6-7120 cm45-55 lbs43-46 in
8130 cm52-64 lbs46-49 in
10140 cm62-80 lbs49-52 in
12150 cm75-95 lbs52-55 in
14-16160 cm88-110 lbs55-58 in

Kids Underwear

USHanna SizeHeightWeight
XS18 mos-380/90 cm20-33 lbs
S4-5100/110 cm31-48 lbs
M6-8120/130 cm45-64 lbs
L10-12140/150 cm62-95 lbs
XL14-16160 cm88-110 lbs

Hanna Andersson Shoes Size Chart

USHanna SizeHeightWeight
8255⅝3-4 yrs
8.5266⅛3-4 yrs
9264-5 yrs
9.5276⅜4-5 yrs
10276⅝4-5 yrs
10.5285-5 1/2 yrs
11286⅞5-6 yrs
11.5295-6 yrs
12306-7 yrs
12.5317⅜6-7 yrs
13317⅝7-8 yrs
13.5327-8 yrs
1Y327⅞7-8 yrs
1.5Y338⅛8-9 yrs
2Y349-10 yrs
2.5Y358⅜9-10 yrs
3Y358⅝10-11 yrs
3.5Y3610-11 yrs
4Y368⅞11-12 yrs
4.5Y379⅛11-12 yrs

Kids Hats:

USHanna SizeCircumference
XXS1-2 yrsFits up to 18 in
XS2-3 yrsFits up to 19 1/2 in
S3-4 yrsFits up to 20 1/4 in
M4-6 yrsFits up to 21 in
L6-12 yrsFits up to 22 in
XL12 yrs +Fits up to 23 1/2 in
USHanna SizeHeightWeight
2-380 – 90 cm30-38 in20-33 lbs
4-5100 – 110 cm34-42 in26-38 lbs
7-8120 – 130 cm42-50 in37-55 lbs
10-12140 – 150 cm50-58 in52-80 lbs
12-14150 – 160 cm58-66 in75-110 lbs

Why is a Size Chart Important?

When shopping online or in-store, it can be difficult to estimate the correct size for your child, especially since different brands may have varying sizes. This is where a size chart comes in handy. A size chart provides detailed measurements for each size, allowing you to make an informed decision about which size to purchase for your child.

The Hanna Andersson Size Chart

Hanna Andersson offers a comprehensive size chart that caters to babies, toddlers, and older children. The size chart includes measurements for height, weight, chest, waist, and hip circumference. This ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your child, regardless of their age.

Hanna Andersson Size Chart: Find the Perfect Fit

How to Use the Size Chart

Here are some steps to help you effectively use the Hanna Andersson size chart:

  1. Measure Your Child: Before referring to the size chart, take accurate measurements of your child’s height, weight, chest, waist, and hip circumference. Use a measuring tape for the most accurate results.
  2. Compare Measurements: Once you have the measurements, refer to the Hanna Andersson size chart. Look for the closest match to your child’s measurements for each category.
  3. Consider Growth: Keep in mind that children can grow quickly, so it may be wise to choose a slightly larger size if your child is between measurements. This allows for some room to grow into the clothing.
  4. Read Reviews: If you are unsure about which size to choose, read customer reviews to see if others have mentioned anything about the fit. This can give you a better idea of how the clothing runs in terms of size.

Benefits of Using the Hanna Andersson Size Chart

By utilizing the Hanna Andersson size chart, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Accurate Sizing: The size chart ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your child, reducing the chances of ordering the wrong size and having to deal with returns or exchanges.
  • Time-Saving: Instead of blindly guessing which size to choose, the size chart allows you to make an informed decision quickly, saving you time and effort.
  • Confidence in Your Purchase: When you know you have chosen the correct size based on the size chart, you can feel confident in your purchase, knowing that your child will be comfortable in their new clothing.


If you are shopping for Hanna Andersson clothing for your child, it is essential to consult the Hanna Andersson size chart to ensure the perfect fit. By taking accurate measurements, comparing them to the size chart, and considering growth, you can confidently choose the right size for your child. This will result in comfortable and well-fitting clothing that your child will love to wear.


What Size Should I Order For My Child?

To determine the right size for your child, refer to the Hanna Andersson Size Chart for accurate measurements and consider their age and height.

Are Hanna Andersson Clothes True To Size?

Yes, Hanna Andersson’s clothes are designed to be true to size. You can rely on their size chart to find the perfect fit for your child.

How Do I Take Accurate Measurements For Sizing?

To take accurate measurements, use a flexible tape measure and measure your child’s height, chest, waist, and hips. Refer to the size chart for specific guidelines.

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