Glass Bead Blasting Media Size Chart

Glass bead blasting is an effective way to clean and polish different types of metal surfaces, but determining the right media size for your project can be overwhelming.

With so many different sizes to choose from, it can be challenging to know which one is the best match for your particular needs. From fine to coarse, every size has its unique strengths and limitations.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the Glass Bead Blasting Media Size Chart to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and get the best results. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of glass bead blasting!

Glass Bead Blasting Media Size Chart:

US Standard Screen SizeMIL-PRF-9954BMIL-S-13165CPotters Ballotini®Glas-Shot®Blast-O-LiteZeroSAE Intl J1173Bead Size Range (Diameter in Inches)
12-14No. 11BT 1801-201.0661-.0555
14-20No. 22BT 2801-202.0555-.0331
20-30No. 33313 or AMS-XGXBT 3801-203GB-70.0331-.0234
30-40No. 42324 or BBT 4801-204GB-50.0234-.0165
40-50No. 51655BT 5801-205GB-35.0165-.0117
40-60CBOL 21.0165-.0098
50-70No. 61176 or DBT 6801-206GB-25.0117-.0083
50-80ABABBOL 23.0117-.0070
60-80No. 7987 or EBT 7801-207GB-20.0098-.0070
60-100BOL 24.0098-.0059
70-100No. 8838 or FBT 8801-208GB-18.0083-.0059
70-140ADADBOL 25.0083-.0041
80-120No. 9709 or GBT 9801-209GB-15.0070-.0049
100-170No. 1010 or AEAFBT 10801-210.0059-.0035
100-200BOL 26.0059-.0029
120-200No. 1111BT 11801-211.0049-.0029
140-230No. 1212BT 12801-212.0041-.0025
140-270BOL 27.0041-.0021
170-325No. 1313 or AHAHBT 13801-213.0035-.0017
170 and FinerAL.0035 and Finer
200-325BOL 29.0029-.0017
270 and FinerAIMS-XL.0021 and Finer
325 and FinerAQBOL 30801-214.0017 and Finer
400 and FinerAS.0015 and Finer

What is Glass Bead Blasting?

Glass bead blasting is a process that involves propelling small, spherical particles of glass (known as glass beads) onto a surface with high pressure. This method is used for cleaning, peening, or finishing various materials, including metals and plastics. The glass beads can be reused multiple times and are considered an environmentally friendly alternative to other blasting media that may contain harmful chemicals.

The size and shape of the glass beads used can be adjusted to achieve different surface finishes, such as smooth or matte. Glass bead blasting is often used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where precise surface preparation is crucial for high-quality results.

glass bead blasting media size chart

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Understanding Glass Bead Blasting Media Size Chart

If you’re wondering what size of glass bead blasting media to use for your project, you need to consult a glass bead blasting media size chart. This will give you an idea of the different sizes of beads available and which one would be the best for your job. Generally, the size of the bead you need will depend on the surface you’ll be working on and the type of finish you’re looking to achieve.

For example, larger beads are more aggressive and would work best for removing thick layers of paint or rust, while smaller beads would be perfect for fine finishing work. It’s essential to select the right size of glass bead blasting media for your project to ensure a smooth and effective blasting process. By consulting the glass bead blasting media size chart, you can make an informed choice and achieve the results you desire.

What are the Different Sizes Available?

When it comes to glass bead blasting, the size of the blasting media is crucial for the desired outcome. Understanding the glass bead blasting media size chart can be a bit overwhelming, which is why it’s important to break it down. The most common sizes of glass bead blasting media range from 0.

6mm to 2mm, but sizes can go all the way up to 5mm.

The larger the size, the more aggressive the blasting will be. However, the smaller the size, the more precise and delicate the blasting will be. It’s important to choose the right size for the material being blasted and the desired outcome.

In general, finer glass bead blasting media is best for smooth surfaces while larger media is better for removing thicker coatings or corrosion. Remember to always refer to the glass bead blasting media size chart to ensure the right size is being used for the job.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Project?

Glass Bead Blasting Media Size Chart Choosing the right size for your glass bead blasting project is crucial to ensure the desired outcome. The Glass Bead Blasting Media Size Chart can help you find the perfect size for your specific needs. The chart categorizes the bead sizes into ranges, including extra fine, fine, medium, and coarse.

The size of the beads range between 70 to 325 mesh, with 70 being the largest and 325 being the smallest. The larger beads are suitable for more heavy-duty tasks, while the smaller ones are useful for fine detail work. It’s essential to understand the project requirements before selecting the appropriate size.

For example, a smaller bead size should be used for delicate projects where preservation is essential. On the other hand, larger bead sizes should only be used on sturdy materials like metal. In conclusion, picking the right size for your glass bead blasting project can make all the difference in achieving the desired results.

Benefits of Using the Right Size Glass Bead Blasting Media

Choosing the right size glass bead blasting media is crucial for the success of your blasting project. With the help of a glass bead blasting media size chart, you can easily determine the right size to use for your specific application. Using the correct size of media will ensure that your blast surface achieves the desired finish and texture without causing any damage.

Using too large of a bead size can leave harsh surface scratches, while using too small of a bead size can cause the surface to become too polished and slick. Alternatively, using the perfect size of glass bead blasting media will provide the ideal surface prep for further coatings and finishes. Additionally, using the right size will also increase cleaning efficiency, minimize waste, and reduce overall blasting times.

Don’t risk damaging your surfaces or wasting time and money by choosing the wrong size of glass bead blasting media. Use the glass bead blasting media size chart to ensure that you are using the correct size for your specific project.

Achieving Desired Surface Finish

Achieving the desired surface finish is essential when it comes to providing a quality product. One of the best ways to achieve that is to use the right size glass bead blasting media. Glass beads come in various sizes, and each size has its unique benefits.

For instance, using a larger glass bead size means more surface coverage area and faster removal of materials. On the other hand, a smaller glass bead size results in a smoother finish, making it ideal for delicate materials like plastic and aluminum. Additionally, using the right size ensures that the surface is not damaged in the blasting process, and the finish is uniform.

Ultimately, using the correct glass bead size will save you time and money in the long run by minimizing the need for rework and maintenance. So, to achieve the best results, it is crucial to select the right glass bead size for your blasting needs.

Reducing Material and Equipment Damage

Glass bead blasting is a popular method for removing residue or contaminants on surfaces of various materials or equipment. However, using the wrong size of glass bead blasting media can cause more harm than good to the surface you’re working on. Choosing the right grain size not only improves the quality of the finish but also reduces material and equipment damage.

The size of the glass beads affects the abrasive effect of the blasting, as well as the ability to reach tight spaces. For smaller, more delicate surfaces, a finer grain size is ideal since it provides a gentler, more precise blast. Meanwhile, coarser grains are better for rough surfaces that require a more aggressive cleaning.

By selecting the right size of glass beads for your specific application, you can minimize damage and maximize the efficiency of your blasting process.

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity

Glass bead blasting is a crucial process when it comes to surface preparation and finishing of different materials. Using the right size glass bead blasting media can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity in various industries. The benefits include improved surface finish, reduced material waste, increased production speeds, and longer equipment lifespan.

By selecting the right glass bead size media, you can effectively control the depth and aggression of the blasting process. Smaller glass beads are ideal for softer surfaces, while larger beads work best for tougher surfaces. The result is a uniform surface texture that is ready for painting, coating, or bonding.

Investing in high-quality glass bead blasting media can save you money and time in the long run, as it improves your overall efficiency and productivity. So, next time you’re sourcing your blasting media, be sure to consider the size of the glass bead to optimize your process and achieve the best possible outcome.


In conclusion, choosing the right glass bead blasting media size is crucial to achieving the desired surface finish. Whether you’re looking to remove rust, clean metal surfaces, or achieve a polished look, the size of the glass beads you choose will determine the level of aggression and precision of the blasting process. So, don’t let your surface finish goals shatter! Use this size chart as your guide and blast with confidence.


What is glass bead blasting?
Glass bead blasting is a process where tiny glass beads are used as a blasting media to clean, polish, and deburr surfaces.

What size glass beads should I use for blasting?
The size of the glass beads used for blasting depends on the surface being treated. Generally, smaller beads are used for finer work while larger beads are used for heavy-duty cleaning.

What are the advantages of using glass bead blasting media?
Some of the advantages of using glass bead blasting media include its ability to clean and polish surfaces without damaging them, its ability to leave a smooth and even finish, and its ability to be reused multiple times.

Can glass bead blasting media be recycled?
Yes, glass bead blasting media can be recycled and reused multiple times, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective blasting media option.

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