Your Ultimate Freshly Picked Moccasins Size Chart

Struggling to find the right size for your moccasins? You’re not alone! Check out our guide for tips on measuring your feet, considering materials, and ensuring the perfect fit for comfort and longevity. With these insights, you’ll be stepping out in style in no time.

Freshly Picked Moccasins Size Chart:

Baby Shose’s Size Chart

Brand SizeHeel to toe (in)
0-3 Months3.5
6 Weeks- 6 Months4
6-12 Months4.5
12-18 Months4.8
1.5-2 Years5.3
2-2.5 Years5.7
2.5-3 Years6
3-3.5 Years6.3


Brand SizeUS SizeAgeFoot Length (in)
Newborn~ Size 10 – 3M3.5
Size 1~ Size 2.50 – 6M4
Size 2~ Size 46 – 12M4.5
Size 3~ Size 5.512 – 18M4.8
Size 4~ Size 718 – 24M5.3
Size 5~ Size 824 – 30M5.7

Understanding our Sizing Chart

When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your little one’s freshly picked moccasins, our size chart is a helpful tool in determining which size to choose. We understand that every child’s foot is unique, and choosing the right size can be tricky. That’s why we offer a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your child.

Our size chart takes into account both the length and width of your child’s foot, providing measurements in both inches and centimeters. When measuring your child’s foot, be sure to have them stand with their full weight on the foot being measured for the most accurate sizing. Keep in mind that our moccasins are made from high-quality leather that will stretch and mold to your child’s foot over time, so a snug fit is crucial.

If you’re still unsure about sizing, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team for additional assistance. With our size chart and expert customer service, finding the perfect fit for your little one’s freshly picked moccasins has never been easier.

Foot Length Measurements

If you’re unsure about the right shoe size to buy, then it’s important to understand foot length measurements. Our sizing chart provides a detailed guide on how to measure your feet and find the right size for your shoes. The chart takes into account the length of your foot, which is measured from your longest toe to your heel.

To measure correctly, stand on a piece of paper, trace your feet, and measure the distance from the heel to the longest toe on each foot. Shoes that fit well can make all the difference in comfort and support, so it’s worth taking the time to get an accurate measurement. Remember, size can vary by brand and style, so it’s always best to consult the sizing chart before making a purchase.

With this information, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your next pair of shoes.

freshly picked moccasins size chart

Age Range Guidelines

When it comes to buying clothes for growing kids, understanding the age range guidelines on a sizing chart is crucial. Our sizing chart can help parents find the perfect fit for their child, but it can be confusing at times. One thing to keep in mind is that size charts are meant to serve as a general guide and may not be applicable to every child.

It’s always a good idea to measure your child’s height and weight to ensure the best fit. When looking at the chart, remember that the age ranges listed are just approximate and that some kids may fit better in a larger or smaller size. Additionally, different brands may have variations in their sizing, so it’s always a good idea to check the specific brand’s sizing chart.

At our store, we strive to provide accurate sizing information to make shopping for kids’ clothes as easy and stress-free as possible. We want parents to feel confident in their purchases and know that their children are comfortable and happy in their clothing.

Measuring Your Child’s Feet for the Best Fit

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of moccasins for your little one, a freshly picked moccasins size chart is a great place to start. But before you consult the chart, it’s important to measure your child’s feet properly. This will ensure a better fit and greater comfort for your child.

Start by having your child stand on a piece of paper, and trace around their foot with a pencil. Then, measure from the longest toe to the back of the heel. This measurement will give you the length of your child’s foot.

Next, measure the widest part of the foot, just below the toes. This will give you the width of your child’s foot. Remember that each child is unique, so use the measurement chart provided by Freshly Picked to determine the perfect size for your little one.

With the proper fit, your child will be able to explore the world in comfort and style!

Step-by-Step Instructions

As a parent, you want your child to be comfortable in their shoes. That’s why it’s important to measure your child’s feet for the best fit when buying shoes. To start, grab a piece of paper and place it on the floor.

Have your child stand on the paper with their heel against a wall. Next, mark the tip of their longest toe with a pencil. Measure the distance between the wall and the marked toe with a ruler or tape measure.

Repeat this process with the other foot, as it’s common to have slightly different sizes for each foot. Once you have both measurements, add about 1/4 to 1/2 inch to the larger foot’s length to account for growth and comfort. This will give you the correct size to look for when shoe shopping.

Remember, correctly fitting shoes will help prevent discomfort and potential foot problems for your little one.

Tips and Tricks for Accurate Measurements

As parents, we know that finding the perfect pair of shoes for our kids is no easy task. It’s crucial to get the right fit to ensure their comfort and proper foot development. To do this, we need to measure their feet accurately.

Firstly, it’s important to use a proper measuring tool, such as a Brannock device or a measuring tape. Then, have your child stand up and put weight on their feet. Next, measure the length of their foot from the heel to the longest toe and the width of their foot at the widest point.

Remember, feet can vary in size and shape between individuals, so measure both feet and choose the larger size for a comfortable fit. With these tips and tricks, you can guarantee the best fit for your child’s shoes, allowing them to play, run, and explore in comfort and style.

What to Do If You’re In Between Sizes

Finding the right size shoe for your child can be stressful, especially if they are in between sizes. It is important to measure their feet properly to ensure the best fit. First, start by tracing their foot on a piece of paper and measuring the length from the heel to the longest toe.

Remember to measure both feet, as they may be different sizes. Once you have the measurement, compare it to the size chart provided by the shoe manufacturer. It is also helpful to consider the width of their feet, as this can impact the fit of the shoe.

If you are still unsure about the size, it may be best to try on multiple sizes in-store and have your child walk around to see which feels most comfortable. Remember, it is better to have a slightly larger shoe than one that is too small, as this can lead to discomfort and potential foot problems down the line. Taking the time to properly measure and find the right fit will ensure that your child’s feet are healthy and happy.

Other Considerations When Choosing Your Size

When it comes to selecting the perfect size of Freshly Picked moccasins for your little one, there are a few other factors to consider beyond just consulting the Freshly Picked moccasins size chart. Firstly, keep in mind that every child’s foot is unique, so it’s important to take accurate measurements of your child’s foot before making a purchase. You can do this by tracing their foot on a piece of paper and measuring from the heel to the longest toe.

Secondly, consider the style of moccasin you’re interested in. Some styles may have a tighter fit than others, so it’s important to read product descriptions and reviews before making a final decision. Additionally, think about your child’s age and activity level.

If they are particularly active or mobile, you may want to size up to allow for extra wiggle room. Ultimately, the Freshly Picked moccasins size chart is a helpful starting point, but it’s important to factor in these other considerations to ensure a perfect fit for your little one.

Foot Shape and Width

When it comes to choosing the right size of shoes, foot shape and width are crucial factors to consider. Every individual has unique foot shapes and widths that can have a significant impact on the shoe’s fit and comfort level. Some people have flat feet, while others have high arches, and some have narrow feet, while others have wide ones.

It’s crucial to understand your foot’s shape and width and choose a suitable shoe accordingly. However, another important element to consider is your daily activities. For instance, if you’re into running or any other high-impact sport, you may need shoes that give additional protection and support, and therefore, you may have to opt for a different size or style.

You should also pay attention to the materials used in the shoe construction as they can impact the overall fit, breathability, and durability. With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to choose the perfect shoe size, shape, and width that will provide you with maximum comfort and support while engaging in your daily activities.

Shoe Material and Stretch

When it comes to choosing the right shoe size, material and stretch are other important factors to consider. Different materials, such as leather or suede, may stretch differently over time or not at all. It’s important to keep in mind that if a shoe is too tight at first, it may not stretch enough to become comfortable.

Some shoes have stretchy materials, such as elastic, that can provide a more forgiving fit. Additionally, shoes with laces or adjustable straps can allow for a more customized fit. It’s also a good idea to consider the purpose of the shoe – if it will be worn for extended periods of time or for physical activity, a slightly larger size may be necessary to prevent discomfort or injury.

Overall, taking into account the material and stretch of a shoe can be the deciding factor in finding the perfect size for your feet.


In conclusion, shopping for moccasins can be a daunting task, but with the freshly picked moccasins size chart, you’ll be strutting your stuff in the perfect pair in no time. Don’t let ill-fitting footwear cramp your style, choose the size that’s just right and let your feet do the talking. So go ahead and slip on those mocs, take a step back, and admire the sight of freshly picked feet in flawless footwear.


What are the sizes available in the freshly picked moccasin size chart?
The freshly picked moccasins size chart offers sizes ranging from 1 to 10 for infants, and from 5 to 10 for toddlers and children.

How do I know which size to pick from the freshly picked moccasin size chart?
Measure the length of your child’s foot from heel to the tip of the longest toe, then compare it with the size chart to find the perfect fit.

Is the freshly picked moccasin size chart true to size?
Yes, the size chart is true to size and offers precise measurements for comfortable and proper fitting of the moccasins.

Can I return freshly picked moccasins if the size does not fit as per the chart?
Yes, you can return the freshly picked moccasins if the size doesn’t fit according to the size chart within the company’s return policy period.

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