Discover Your Perfect Fit with Our Comprehensive F-150 Bed Size Chart

The F-150 bed size chart is essential for those considering a Ford truck. It helps determine dimensions for various bed sizes, from the standard 5-foot to the spacious 8-foot option. Whether you’re hauling tools for work or gear for camping, this chart ensures you choose the perfect fit for your needs.

F-150 Bed Dimensions

5.5-foot Styleside

Length67.1 inches
Width50.6 inches
Height21.4 inches
Cargo Box Volume52.8 cubic feet

6.5-foot Styleside

Length78.9 inches
Width50.6 inches
Height21.4 inches
Cargo Box Volume62.3 cubic feet

8-foot Styleside

Length97.6 inches
Width50.6 inches
Height21.4 inches
Cargo Volume77.3 cubic feet

What is the F-150 Bed Size Chart?

The F-150 bed size chart is an important tool for any truck owner or enthusiast who wants to know the dimensions of their pickup truck’s cargo area. Whether you plan on hauling large equipment, furniture, or simply transporting goods, having the exact measurements of your F-150 bed can make all the difference in the world. With this chart, you can easily determine the length, width, and depth of your truck bed, allowing you to make informed decisions about what you can and cannot carry.

Plus, by knowing your bed size, you can shop for accessories or aftermarket products that specifically fit your truck model’s dimensions. So, if you’re looking to get the most out of your F-150’s cargo-carrying capabilities, the bed size chart is an essential resource to have on hand.

f 150 bed size chart

Why is the F-150 Bed Size Chart Important?

The F-150 bed size chart is crucial for buyers who are in the market for a pickup truck. This chart provides valuable information on the size, dimensions, and capacity of the bed of the F-150. Understanding the dimensions of the bed is important because it allows buyers to determine whether their cargo will fit comfortably and securely inside the truck.

Knowing the capacity of the bed is also important because it helps buyers determine how much weight they can safely transport without risking damage to the truck or cargo. If you are in the market for an F-150, understanding the bed size chart is essential to make an informed purchase decision.

F-150 Bed Size Options

The F-150 bed size chart offers a variety of options to meet truck owners’ needs. The length of the bed is the key measurement to consider when selecting an F-150 model. The standard bed size measures

5 feet, making it suitable for most everyday hauling jobs while still fitting into most garages. There is also a longer option with an 8-foot bed that accommodates larger cargo and makes it easier to haul longer items like lumber or pipes. For those who prioritize cabin space, the F-150 also comes with a shorter

5-foot bed, which provides more room for passengers while still allowing for basic hauling. Ultimately, choosing the right bed size depends on the intended use of the vehicle. To avoid any confusion, it is essential to pick the appropriate F-150 model with a bed size that meets your specific needs.

Standard Bed Size

When it comes to the Ford F-150 bed size options, there are a few standard choices to consider. The F-150 is a popular pick-up truck, and as such, it is designed to accommodate a range of different needs. For instance, the F-150 comes with either a

5-foot, a 5-foot, or an 8-foot bed, so you can choose the size that best suits your intended usage. If you plan on hauling large cargo items, or if you need to transport materials for work purposes, then the 8-foot bed may be the most suitable option for you.

On the other hand, if you require a more compact bed size for everyday use or for leisure activities, then either the 5-foot or the 5-foot bed may be the better choice.

Regardless of which bed size you choose, you can rest assured that the F-150 will provide you with ample space and functionality to get the job done, whether you’re hauling lumber to the worksite or towing a trailer for a weekend camping trip.

Short Bed Size

When it comes to the F-150, there are a few bed size options available, including the short bed size. This bed size measures at about 5 feet in length, making it a popular choice for those who don’t need a ton of hauling space but still want the convenience of a pickup truck.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the short bed size may be convenient for some, it may not suit the needs of others who require more space. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that any cargo being transported in the bed of the truck is secure and won’t shift during transit, as a smaller bed size could make it easier for items to become dislodged. Overall, the short bed size can be a great option for those who prioritize convenience and efficiency.

Long Bed Size

When it comes to bed size options for the Ford F-150, the long bed is a popular choice for those who need extra cargo space. This bed option is 8 feet long and offers plenty of room to transport large items such as furniture, construction materials, or even ATV’s. However, it is important to note that the long bed is only available on certain trim levels and cab configurations.

It may also impact maneuverability and parking in tight spaces. But for those who prioritize hauling capacity, the long bed size is an excellent option. So if you’re in need of a truck that can easily transport oversized items, consider the Ford F-150 with a long bed.

Comparison of F-150 Bed Sizes

If you’re looking for a pickup truck in the United States, chances are you’ve come across the Ford F-150. This truck is incredibly popular and has built up a reputation for being reliable. However, when it comes to bed sizes, you may be wondering which one would be best for your needs.

Fortunately, there are three bed size options available. The first is the 5-foot bed, which is perfect for people who don’t need a lot of space in their truck bed.

The next option is the 5-foot bed, which adds a bit more space for hauling cargo. Finally, the 8-foot bed is the largest option and can hold a lot of gear.

Keep in mind that the bed size you choose will affect the overall length of your F-150, so choose carefully! The f 150 bed size chart provided by Ford is an excellent resource to visualize the dimensions and the capacity for each bed size, so make sure to check it out before making your final decision.

Dimensions and Capacities

When it comes to truck beds, the size and dimensions of the bed are important considerations for people looking to purchase a pickup truck. The Ford F-150, a popular pickup truck model, offers three different bed sizes to choose from: 5 feet,

5 feet, and 8 feet. The 5-foot bed is the shortest and is typically found on the crew cab models.

The 5-foot bed is popular among people who need a bit more space but still want a truck that is manageable in tighter spaces. Finally, the 8-foot bed is the longest and offers the most storage and hauling capacity.

It’s important to note that the longer beds can limit maneuverability and may not fit in some garages. When making a decision about which bed size to choose, think about how you plan to use your truck and what your specific needs are. Whether it’s for work or play, the Ford F-150 has a bed size that can fit your lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Bed Size for You

If you’re a proud owner of a Ford F-150, you may be wondering about the appropriate bed size for your needs. The F-150 bed size chart offers a range of options, which includes 5 feet,

5 feet, and 8 feet, each with varying payload capacities. The bed size chart is significant in determining the right size for your cargo needs and passenger comfort. If you frequently transport bulky items, the largest bed size will be the best choice.

However, it may compromise passenger comfort in return. On the other hand, the shortest bed size will provide ample legroom, but it may not fit the largest of loads or carry significant weight capacity. Consider your particular needs before making your final decision.

Evaluate your regular routine for the vehicle and look for the best compromise between cargo and passenger amenities. Keep in mind that payload capacity is not the only determinant of how much your truck can hold. Your truck’s safety should also be considered, and overloading could cause damage or increase the risk of an accident.

So, make an informed decision based on your overall needs.

Considerations and Recommendations

Choosing the right bed size can be a daunting task, with so many options to choose from. Your decision should depend on a variety of factors including your height, sleeping habits, and the space available in your bedroom. A common bed size is the queen size bed, providing ample space for two people to sleep comfortably.

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In the world of F-150 trucks, size definitely matters. Whether you choose the standard 5-foot bed or the spacious 8-foot bed, there’s no denying the practicality and versatility these trucks provide.

So, when it comes to hauling big loads or hitting the open road, remember: go big or go home (with less cargo space).”


What are the dimensions of the bed in a Ford F-150?
The bed size of a Ford F-150 can vary, but the most common size is 6.5 feet long and 5.5 feet wide.

Is the bed in a Ford F-150 big enough to fit a standard ATV?
Yes, the bed in a Ford F-150 is generally large enough to transport a standard ATV.

Can you fit a full-size mattress in the bed of a Ford F-150?
Yes, a full-size mattress can fit in the bed of a Ford F-150, but it may be snug depending on the exact bed size.

What is the maximum payload capacity for a Ford F-150 with a certain bed size?
The maximum payload capacity for a Ford F-150 can vary based on multiple factors, including the bed size, engine, and drivetrain. It’s best to consult the specific truck’s manual or a Ford dealership for exact figures.

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