Double Lumen Tube Sizes Chart

Exploring the double lumen tube size chart can help you understand these crucial medical devices used during surgery. Whether you’ve undergone anesthesia before or are curious about medical procedures, we’ll delve into how these tubes work and which size might suit your needs best. Let’s dive into the world of double lumen tubes!

Double Lumen Tube Sizes Chart

Bronchial O.D.

41 Fr12.010.8
39 Fr11.510.2
37 Fr11.59.9
35 Fr10.59.5
32 Fr8.5
28 Fr7.5

Tracheal O.D.

41 Fr14.6 / 13.814.4 / 13.8
39 Fr14.3 / 13.513.7 / 13.3
37 Fr13.6 / 12.713.0 / 12.5
35 Fr12.7 / 11.712.7 / 12.0
32 Fr11.3 / 10.0
28 Fr9.5 / 8.8

What is a Double Lumen Tube?

A double lumen tube is a specialized type of endotracheal tube used primarily in critical care settings. It consists of two lumens, or channels, that allow for separate ventilation of the lungs. One lumen is used to deliver oxygen and anesthetic gases to the patient, while the other allows for the removal of carbon dioxide, which is produced by the body as a waste product during respiration.

This design allows for better control of ventilation settings and reduces the risk of complications such as lung injury or pneumonia. The double lumen tube is particularly useful in cases where selective lung ventilation is needed, such as during thoracic surgery or in patients with lung disease. Overall, this specialized equipment helps medical professionals provide customized care to their critical patients.

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Size Chart

If you are looking for the right size of double lumen tube, you may find it difficult to determine the best option based on your needs. Double lumen tubes come in various sizes and styles, and their selection depends on several different factors. In general, double lumen tubes range in size from 26 to 41 French, and the most commonly used size is in the 35 to 39 French range.

The size of the tube depends on the patient’s airway and the procedure being performed. To determine the correct size, the length and diameter of the tube need to be measured. It is essential to check with the manufacturer’s size chart as each brand may have different size measurements.

In addition, you must consider the patient’s age, height, and weight when selecting the proper size. Consult with your healthcare provider for assistance in selecting the proper size and style of the double lumen tube needed for your procedure. By using the appropriate size of double lumen tube, you ensure the patient’s safety and comfort during the procedure.

How to Use the Chart

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Size Chart for Adults

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What if My Patient’s Size Falls in Between Two Sizes?

As a healthcare provider, you may come across a patient whose size falls in between two available sizes of a medical product. This can be perplexing, but it’s important to keep in mind that finding the right fit is crucial for the health and safety of your patient. Your best course of action would be to consult with the product manufacturer or their representative to inquire about alternative sizes or customization options that could accommodate your patient’s unique needs.

It’s also important to note that settling for a size that is too small or too large can result in discomfort, irritation, and even injury. Remember, your patient’s health and wellbeing are your top priority, and finding the right fit requires a bit of flexibility and resourcefulness. So, be sure to explore all available options and consult with your patient to find the best solution.

Can the Chart be Used for all Double Lumen Tubes?

One common question about the chart for double lumen tubes is whether it applies to all models. The answer is that while the chart can be a helpful reference tool for many different types of double lumen tubes, it’s essential to double-check the specifics of your particular tube before relying solely on the chart. Some double lumen tubes may have variations in their design or size that could affect their placement or use.

It’s always best practice to consult with your healthcare provider or a respiratory therapist to ensure proper placement and usage of any medical device. So, while the chart can be valuable in understanding double lumen tube placement, it’s vital to confirm its accuracy with your healthcare provider.

What if My Patient has a Unique Airway Anatomy?

As a healthcare provider, encountering patients with unique airway anatomy is not uncommon. Such anomalies can pose a challenge when administering certain procedures that require smooth airway passage, such as intubation. In such cases, it is crucial to have a detailed understanding of the patient’s airways and to explore alternative techniques.

This may involve using specialized equipment or calling in a specialist to assist with the procedure. It’s essential to take the necessary steps to ensure the patient’s safety while balancing the importance of performing the necessary procedure. At times, this may require a collaborative approach with other healthcare professionals, including anesthesiologists or pulmonologists.

Effectively managing patients with unique airway anatomy requires medical expertise, experience, and careful attention to detail. As healthcare providers, our priority is always the patient’s welfare, and we must strive to deliver the best possible care in all situations.


So, what have we learned from the double lumen tube size chart? Well, for one thing, size really does matter when it comes to intubation. But more importantly, choosing the right size double lumen tube can make all the difference in ensuring proper ventilation during complex surgical procedures. So, whether you’re an anesthesiologist, surgeon, or just a curious medical student, remember to always consult the double lumen tube size chart before inserting that tube down someone’s throat.

Trust us, your patients will thank you for it.


What is a double lumen tube?
A double lumen tube is a type of endotracheal tube used for lung isolation during anesthesia, where one lung can be ventilated while the other is deflated or isolated.

How is the size of a double lumen tube determined?
The size of a double lumen tube is determined by the patient’s body weight and height, as well as the size of the patient’s left and right bronchi.

What are the common sizes of double lumen tubes?
The common sizes of double lumen tubes range from 26 Fr to 41 Fr, where each size is usually labeled by its outer diameter in millimeters.

How is the correct placement of a double lumen tube confirmed?
The correct placement of a double lumen tube is confirmed by proper auscultation of breath sounds in each lung, observation of equal chest rise, and fiberoptic bronchoscopy to ensure accurate positioning.

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