Do Fig Scrubs Run True To Size?

It’s important to note that FIGS scrubs have a tendency to run small. As mentioned earlier, this can sometimes result in a snug fit that may not be ideal for healthcare professionals. If you typically wear a size small, it’s recommended that you go up a size when purchasing FIGS scrubs. However, keep in mind that this may result in the scrubs being too long for you.

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Do FIGS fit to size?

When it comes to choosing the right size for your clothing, it can be a bit tricky. If you find yourself in between sizes, it’s best to use your bust or chest size as a guide for tops and your hip size for pants. It’s important to note that our sizes remain consistent across different styles, but the fit may differ slightly. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you find the perfect fit for your body type and feel comfortable in your clothes.

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What size should I order in scrubs?

When ordering scrubs, it’s important to consider the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Scrubs typically come in sizes ranging from XXS to 5XL, with some brands offering petite and tall options as well. To determine the best size for you, take your measurements and compare them to the sizing chart. It’s also important to consider the fit you prefer – some people prefer a looser fit for comfort, while others prefer a more fitted look.

Keep in mind that different brands may have slightly different sizing, so it’s always a good idea to check the specific brand’s sizing chart before ordering.

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Should scrubs be tight or loose?

When it comes to choosing the right scrubs, comfort is key. You don’t want them to be too tight and restrict your movements, but you also don’t want them to be too loose and get in the way of your work. It’s important to consider your body size and shape when selecting scrubs and to be aware of the various types of fabrics they come in. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that your scrubs fit well and allow you to perform your job with ease.

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Does FIGS make stretchy scrubs?

The FIGS Stretch Jogger Scrub Pants are a must-have for anyone in the medical field. These pants are designed to provide comfort and flexibility, allowing you to move freely throughout your day. The jogger style adds a modern touch to your uniform, while the stretchy fabric ensures a perfect fit. These pants also feature multiple pockets, providing ample storage space for your essentials.

Whether you’re running from patient to patient or sitting at a desk, the FIGS Stretch Jogger Scrub Pants will keep you comfortable and stylish.

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Are fig pants stretchy?

The Technical Comfort™ of FIGS is a game-changer for those who prioritize design, function, and comfort. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant, four-way stretch, and even has built-in odor control, ensuring that you always look and feel your best. Whether you’re working long shifts or running errands, FIGS has got you covered with their innovative and comfortable clothing.

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What does FIGS stand for scrubs?

During my research, I stumbled upon an interview with the founders of the company. It was revealed that the company’s name, Figs, was inspired by Co-CEO Heather Hasson’s love for the fruit. This interesting tidbit adds a personal touch to the brand and may resonate with customers who share the same fondness for figs.

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Is FIGS owned by lululemon?

Back in 2016, FIGS raised $5 million in a Series A funding round led by Campfire, a venture capital fund backed by Lululemon. The following year, Thomas Tull, the founder of Legendary Pictures and a successful businessman, invested a whopping $65 million in the company, making him the majority owner of FIGS.

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Is it worth it to buy figs scrubs?

As someone who has invested in Figs medical scrubs, I can confidently say that they are definitely worth the price. It’s one of those instances where you truly get what you pay for. Not only do Figs scrubs feel more comfortable, but they also have a longer lifespan compared to cheaper alternatives. Don’t be fooled by so-called bargains, investing in quality scrubs like Figs is a smart decision in the long run.

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Are FIGS just for nurses?

FIGS is a brand that primarily focuses on providing medical apparel for young women in the medical field, although it also offers scrubs for men. The brand has gained popularity among medical students who often act as brand ambassadors.

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Who is figs biggest competitor?

FIGS is a renowned company that specializes in providing healthcare apparel and lifestyle solutions. Some of its competitors and similar companies include Jaanuu, Recreational Equipment, Rhone Apparel, and Vuori. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or someone who values comfort and style, FIGS has got you covered. With its innovative designs and high-quality materials, FIGS has become a go-to brand for those who want to look and feel their best while on the job or during their leisure time.

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What scrubs are similar to figs?

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Do figs scrubs fit plus size?

Looking for comfortable and functional plus size scrubs for women? Look no further than FIGS! Our scrubs are designed to help you look, feel, and perform your best all year round. We offer a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your style. Plus, our scrubs are made with durability and comfort in mind, so you can focus on your work without any distractions. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or just looking for comfortable workwear, FIGS has you covered.

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Should I size up or down for scrubs?

When it comes to choosing S.C.R.U.

B.S. tops and pants, it’s important to consider your desired fit. For women who prefer a looser fit with room to move, ordering your street size is recommended.

However, if you prefer a more precise fit, ordering one size down may be a better option. As for men, the same principles apply. It’s all about finding the right fit that allows for comfort and mobility while on the job.

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What do you wear under scrubs?

When it comes to wearing scrubs, many healthcare professionals opt for a scrub undershirt as their base layer. These undershirts come in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved options, and are typically neutral in color. While long-sleeved undershirts may provide extra warmth in a chilly environment, it’s important to note that they are more prone to stains and can harbor germs. Therefore, it’s important to choose your undershirt wisely and keep it clean to maintain a hygienic work environment.

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What to do if scrubs are too big?

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“`Have you ever wondered if your scrubs will shrink in the wash? The answer is yes, but there’s a trick to it. The secret to shrinking fabric in the washer and dryer is to use high temperatures. The amount of shrinkage depends on the type of fabric, but generally, the higher the heat in the wash and dry cycle, the more the fabric will shrink. So, if you want to shrink your scrubs, make sure to wash and dry them on high heat.

However, keep in mind that this may also cause the fabric to wear out faster, so use this method sparingly.“`

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Do figs scrubs shrink or stretch?

Many customers have reported that FIGS scrubs have a tendency to shrink when dried on high heat. It’s important to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that your scrubs maintain their shape and size. If you’re unsure about how to properly care for your FIGS scrubs, consider washing them in cold water and air-drying them to prevent any potential shrinkage. By taking the time to care for your scrubs properly, you can extend their lifespan and keep them looking and feeling great.

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What is the difference between FIGS FREEx and regular?

Our FIONx™ scrub fabric is renowned for its exceptional softness, providing unparalleled comfort during long shifts. On the other hand, our FREEx™ scrub fabric is not only lightweight but also environmentally friendly, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize sustainability. Its smooth and slick texture adds to its appeal, making it a popular choice among healthcare professionals.

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What are stretchy loop on scrubs for?

Nursing scrubs are designed with special features to make the job easier and more efficient. One of the most popular features is the bungee loop, which can be found on the neckline of scrub tops or on the tops of pants. This small loop allows you to easily attach your ID, making it easily accessible when needed. Additionally, some nursing scrubs are made with antimicrobial fabric, which can help reduce the risk of disease transmission.

This is especially important in healthcare settings where the spread of infection can be a serious concern. By choosing scrubs with these special features, healthcare professionals can work with greater ease and peace of mind.

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What are stretchy scrubs made of?

This fabric is usually composed of a combination of polyester, a small amount of rayon, and spandex, resulting in a material that has unparalleled stretchiness.

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