Crochet Hook Size Chart

If you are a crochet enthusiast, you know that choosing the right hook size is crucial for achieving the correct tension and gauge in your projects. With so many different hook sizes available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one for your desired outcome. That’s why we have created this comprehensive crochet hook size chart to help you make an informed decision.

Crochet Hook Size Chart

Regular Crochet Hook Sizes

US Size Range Millimeter Range
B-1 2.25 mm
C-2 2.75 mm
C-2 2.75 mm
D 3.125 mm
D-3 3.25mm
E-4 3.5 mm
F-5 3.75 mm
G-6 4 mm
G 4.25 mm
7 4.5 mm
H-8 5 mm
I 5.25mm
I-9 5.5mm
J 5.75 mm
J-10 6 mm
K-10 1/2 6.5 mm
  7 mm
L-11 8 mm
M/N-13 9 mm
N/P-15 10 mm
P-16 11.5 mm
  12 mm
P/Q 15 mm
Q 16 mm
S 19 mm
T/U/X 25 mm
T/X 30 mm

Steel Crochet Hook Sizes

US Size Range Millimeter Range
12 0.6 mm
14/10 0.75 mm
13 0.85 mm
14/8 0.9 mm
13 0.95 mm
12/6 1 mm
11 1.05-1.1 mm
10 1.15 mm
9/4 1.25 mm
10 1.3 mm
9/8 1.4mm
8/7/2 1.5mm
6 1.6 mm
7 1.65 mm
5 1.7 mm
4/0 1.75 mm
6 1.8 mm
5 1.9mm
4 2 mm
3 2.1 mm
2 2.2-2.25 mm
1 2.35 mm
O 2.55mm
OO 2.7 mm
1 2.75 mm
O 3.25 mm
OO 3.5 mm

Understanding Crochet Hook Sizes

Crochet hooks come in various sizes, and each size is denoted by a letter or a number. The most common sizing systems are US, UK, and metric. In the US system, crochet hook sizes range from B/1 (2.25mm) to S (19mm), while in the UK system, sizes range from 14 (0.75mm) to 000 (25mm). The metric system uses millimeters and typically ranges from 0.5mm to 25mm.

It’s important to note that different countries may have slightly different sizing systems. As a result, it’s always best to refer to the specific conversion chart provided by the manufacturer or designer of your crochet pattern.

Crochet Hook Size Chart: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Match

Choosing the Right Hook Size

The right hook size depends on several factors, including the type of yarn you are using and the desired tension and drape of your finished project. Here’s a general guide to help you choose the right hook size:

Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines, and there may be variations depending on your specific project or crochet technique.

Importance of Hook Size and Gauge

The hook size directly affects the tension and gauge of your crochet projects. Using a smaller hook will result in tighter stitches, while using a larger hook will produce looser stitches. The gauge, or the number of stitches and rows per inch, is crucial for accurately sizing your finished item, especially when following a pattern.

Before starting a project, it’s essential to create a gauge swatch using your chosen yarn and hook size. By comparing your stitch count and row count to the pattern’s gauge specifications, you can adjust your hook size accordingly to achieve the desired measurements.

Remember that the recommended hook size for a specific yarn weight is just a starting point. Your tension and personal crochet style may require a size up or down to obtain the correct gauge.

Crochet Hook Size Chart: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Match


Choosing the right crochet hook size is essential for achieving the desired tension and gauge in your projects. Understanding the different sizing systems and their conversions is the first step in finding the perfect hook size for your needs. Additionally, considering the yarn weight and the project requirements will play a crucial role in determining the ideal hook size.

Referencing the crochet hook size chart provided by the manufacturer or pattern designer is always a good practice to ensure accuracy and consistency in your work. So, next time you start a crochet project, don’t forget to consult this comprehensive guide and make an informed decision with confidence.


What Is A Crochet Hook Size Chart?

A crochet hook size chart is a guide that tells you the recommended hook size to use for different crochet projects.

How Does The Hook Size Affect My Crochet Project?

The hook size you choose can affect the size, drape, and overall look of your crochet project.

Why Is It Important To Use The Correct Hook Size?

Using the correct hook size ensures that your stitches are the right size, which determines the final measurements and appearance of your project.

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