UGG Women’s Size Chart

Ensuring your UGG boots fit just right is crucial for comfort and style. Let’s explore the ins and outs of the UGG Women’s Size Chart together. By understanding these details, you’ll be equipped to make the best choice. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect fit for you!

UGG Women’s Size Chart


Cup Size30A & B & C32A & B34A & B/32C & D36A & B/34C&D/32DD36C & D/34DD/38A & B36DD/38C & D38DD/40A & B & C40D & DD/42A & B & C42D & DD/44A & B & C
Sleeve*26 1/2″27″27 1/2″28″29″29 1/2″28″28 1/2″29″
Inseam*30″30″30 1/2″30 1/2″31″31″30″30″30 1/2″




Measurement (IN)
Japan (CM)2222.52323.52424.52525.52626.52727.52828.5293031
Mexico (CM)2222.52323.52424.52525.52626.52727.52828.5293031
China (MM)220225230235240245250255260265270275280285290300310


6″ – 6.5″6.75″ – 7.25″7.5″ – 8″6″ – 7″7″ – 8″

Deciphering the Size Chart

Deciphering the UGG Women’s Size Chart can feel overwhelming, but fear not! We’ll break it down into manageable steps to streamline your shopping journey. By unraveling the measurements systematically, we aim to enhance your understanding and confidence in selecting the perfect size. So, let’s embark on this journey together and simplify the process for you!

Foot Length vs. UGG Size

When it comes to finding the right UGG size, your foot length is paramount. Let’s delve into the process of accurately measuring your feet and aligning them with the size chart. By understanding this crucial correlation, you’ll navigate the sizing maze with confidence and precision. So, let’s ensure your UGGs fit like a glove by matching your measurements effectively!

Understanding Widths

Navigating through UGG’s width options is crucial for finding your perfect fit. From narrow to standard and wide, there’s a range to suit every foot shape. Let’s explore these options to determine which width ensures maximum comfort for you. By understanding the nuances of width, you’ll elevate your UGG experience to new levels of satisfaction. Let’s dive in and find the width that’s just right for you!

Accounting for Sock Thickness

Considering sock thickness is essential for seasonal comfort in your UGGs. If you plan to wear thicker socks during colder months, adjusting your size accordingly is key. Let’s explore how to factor in sock thickness when selecting your UGG size. By understanding this aspect, you’ll ensure cozy warmth without compromising on fit. Let’s delve into the details and ensure your feet stay snug all year round!

Comparing International Sizing

Navigating international sizing standards can be a challenge for online shoppers. With variations across regions, finding the right fit becomes crucial. Let’s explore how UGG’s sizing compares to global measurements, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience. By understanding these differences, you’ll shop confidently, avoiding sizing discrepancies and enjoying a perfect fit, no matter where you are in the world. Let’s unravel the mysteries of international sizing together!

Tips for Online Shopping

Embarking on an online shopping journey for UGGs can be daunting, but fear not! We’re here to equip you with essential tips and tricks to make informed decisions. Without the luxury of trying them on in person, selecting the perfect size becomes crucial.

Let’s explore strategies to ensure a successful online shopping experience, where you’ll confidently choose the ideal UGGs without hesitation. Let’s dive into these tips and empower your online shopping endeavors!


In conclusion, whether you’re a veteran UGG enthusiast or a newcomer to the brand, grasping the Women’s Size Chart is pivotal. By making informed decisions and prioritizing comfort, you’ll seamlessly step into a realm of unparalleled style with your perfectly sized UGG boots.

Let’s emphasize the significance of understanding the size chart in navigating the complexities of online shopping and ensuring a satisfying footwear experience. It’s time to stride confidently, embracing both comfort and fashion in your UGGs.


How do I know which UGG size to choose if I’m in between sizes?
Answer: If you’re between sizes, it’s generally recommended to size up for a more comfortable fit, especially if you plan to wear thicker socks. However, if you prefer a snug fit, sizing down may be suitable, but keep in mind it may feel tight initially until the boots stretch slightly with wear.

I’ve never bought UGGs before. How can I be sure I’m selecting the right size online?
Answer: Referencing the UGG Women’s Size Chart and measuring your foot length accurately are crucial steps. Additionally, reading customer reviews for insights on sizing and fit can be helpful. If you’re still unsure, consider ordering multiple sizes to try on and return the ones that don’t fit.

I have wide feet. Will UGGs accommodate my foot width?
Answer: Yes, UGG offers various width options, including wide sizes, to accommodate different foot shapes. Be sure to check the width options available for the style you’re interested in and select accordingly for optimal comfort.

Can I wear UGGs without socks, or do I need to account for sock thickness when selecting my size?
Answer: You can wear UGGs without socks, but if you plan to wear thicker socks, it’s essential to consider sock thickness when selecting your size. Adjusting your size accordingly will ensure a comfortable fit, regardless of whether you choose to wear socks or not.

How does UGG sizing compare to other shoe brands?
Answer: UGG sizing may differ slightly from other shoe brands, so it’s essential to refer to the UGG Women’s Size Chart for accurate measurements. Keep in mind that international sizing standards can also vary, so be sure to compare measurements carefully when shopping online from different regions.