Tommy Hilfiger Size Chart

Welcome to the definitive guide to mastering the Tommy Hilfiger Size Chart! Finding the right size can feel like navigating a maze, but fear not! We’re here to demystify the process and empower you to discover your perfect fit effortlessly. By delving into the intricacies of Tommy Hilfiger’s sizing system, we’ll equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, ensuring both comfort and style in every outfit choice.

Tommy Hilfiger Size Chart

Women’s Dresses, Tops, and Outerwear


Women’s Jeans


Womens Footwear

US Size566.577.588.599.510
EU Size35363737.53838.539404142

Men’s T-Shirts

US3436 – 3840424446485052
EU4446 – 4850525456586062
Chest34.6 – 36.236.6 – 38.138.5 – 40.140.5 – 42.542.9 – 44.845.2 – 47.247.6 – 5253.955.9
Waist30.7 – 32.232.6 – 34.234.6 – 36.236.6 – 38.538.9 – 40.941.3 – 43.343.7 – 51.9753.9455.91
Arms33 – 33.433.8 – 34.234.6 – 3535.4 – 35.836.2 – 36.637 – 37.437.7 – 38.339.139.8
Neck14.5 – 14.914.9 – 15.315.7 – 16.116.5 – 16.917.3 – 17.717.7 – 18.118.1 – 18.518.919.3

Men’s Bottoms

Numeric Size Equivalent2829303132333435
Waist (Inches)29 1/230 1/231 1/232 1/233 1/234 1/235 1/236 1/2
Hips (Inches)35 1/236 1/237 1/238 1/239 1/240 1/241 1/242 1/2
Thigh (Inches)20 1/221 1/42222 1/223 1/423 3/424 1/225

Men’s Shoes

US Size6.577.588.599.51010.51111.51212.51313.514
EU Size3939.54040.5-4141.54242.54343.544-44.54545.5-4646.54747.548
Foot Length (inches)

kids Pants

Size12-18 Months18-24 Months34567810121416
Body Length343639414346485055606569

Kids Shirt

Body Length353841434648505557596062
Neck to Wrist17181920.521.7522.2523.752526.2527.52930

Kids Footwear

Baby Size01234
Foot Length3.
Toddler Size4T5T6T7T8T9T10T
Foot Length4.54.855.
Little Kids Size11L12L13L
Foot Length6.87.17.5
Big Kids Size1B2B3B4B5B
Foot Length7.88.18.599.5

Understanding Tommy Hilfiger Sizing

Embarking on your journey to understand Tommy Hilfiger sizing requires a solid foundation. Begin by grasping why knowing your measurements is paramount. Once equipped, delve into decoding the intricate elements of the Tommy Hilfiger size chart. Transition seamlessly into mastering accurate measurement techniques, essential for a perfect fit.

By embracing these steps, you’ll navigate the world of Tommy Hilfiger sizing with confidence and finesse, ensuring every garment complements your unique style effortlessly.

Exploring Men’s Sizing

Embark on a journey through Tommy Hilfiger’s men’s sizing, where every detail matters. Starting with tops, from casual tees to polished shirts, uncover the nuances of sizing for a flawless fit. Transition seamlessly to bottoms, where pants, jeans, and shorts await precision sizing techniques.

Then, venture into the realm of jackets and outerwear, where style meets functionality. Before embracing warmth and style, ensure the perfect fit with Tommy Hilfiger’s size chart.

Tommy Hilfiger men's Size Chart

Navigating Women’s Sizing

Embark on a journey through Tommy Hilfiger’s women’s sizing, where every detail shapes your wardrobe. Start with tops and blouses, unraveling the intricacies of sizing for a wardrobe upgrade. Transition seamlessly to skirts and dresses, where flirty elegance awaits in Tommy Hilfiger’s collection.

Then, dive into jackets and coats, balancing fashion-forward style with cozy comfort. Before embracing your fashion statement, decipher the sizing guide for the perfect fit tailored to your unique style.

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Size Chart

Kids and Youth Sizing

Embark on a journey through Tommy Hilfiger’s kids and youth sizing, where style meets comfort for your little ones. Start with boys’ and girls’ apparel sizing, ensuring they look stylish and feel comfortable in Tommy Hilfiger’s collection. Transition seamlessly to infants and toddlers sizing, where adorable onesies and cozy sweaters await perfect sizing.

Before dressing your tiny tots, discover how to select the ideal size from Tommy Hilfiger’s kids’ collection for maximum comfort and style.

Tommy Hilfiger Kid's Size Chart

Accessories Sizing

Transition into the realm of accessories sizing with Tommy Hilfiger, where every detail adds finesse to your ensemble. Begin with belts and accessories, essential finishing touches that elevate your look. Transition seamlessly to footwear sizing, ensuring your steps are as stylish as they are comfortable with Tommy Hilfiger footwear.

Before completing your outfit, ensure your accessories and footwear fit just right, enhancing both style and comfort with Tommy Hilfiger’s size chart.


In conclusion, armed with the insights gained from this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to confidently navigate the Tommy Hilfiger size chart. With each purchase, ensure your perfect fit, effortlessly blending style and comfort. Embrace the journey of self-expression through fashion, knowing that every selection reflects your unique taste and personality.


FAQ: How do I determine my size if I fall between two sizes on the Tommy Hilfiger size chart?
Answer: If you’re between sizes, it’s generally recommended to go with the larger size for a more comfortable fit. However, consider the garment’s style and fabric composition, as some items may have more stretch or run larger or smaller.

FAQ: Does Tommy Hilfiger offer a size conversion chart for international customers?
Answer: Yes, Tommy Hilfiger provides a size conversion chart for international customers on their website. This chart helps you find your corresponding size based on your region’s sizing system.

FAQ: Are Tommy Hilfiger sizes consistent across all their clothing items?
Answer: While Tommy Hilfiger aims for consistency in sizing across their range, slight variations may occur due to differences in style, fabric, and design. Always refer to the specific size chart provided for each item for the most accurate fit.

FAQ: Can I return or exchange items if they don’t fit according to the size chart?
Answer: Yes, Tommy Hilfiger typically offers returns and exchanges within a certain timeframe, provided the items are in their original condition with tags attached. Refer to the brand’s return policy for specific guidelines and instructions.

FAQ: How often does Tommy Hilfiger update their size charts?
Answer: Tommy Hilfiger regularly reviews and updates their size charts to ensure accuracy and accommodate any changes in sizing standards or manufacturing processes. It’s advisable to check the size chart before making a purchase, especially if you haven’t bought from them recently.