Shotgun Size Chart Guide

Transitioning into shotgun shooting demands understanding shotgun size. Let’s explore how sizes impact your shooting, balancing factors, and the importance of Shotgun Size Chart decisions.

Shotgun Size Chart Guide

Shot SizePellet DiameterPellets Per OunceWeight Per Lead Pellet(Grains)
7 1/2.0953501.09
No. 4 Buck.242120.83
No. 3 Buck.251824.31
No. 2 Buck.271431.25
No. 1 Buck.301043.75
0 Buck.32948.61
00 Buck.33854.69
000 Buck.36672.92

What is a Shotgun Size Chart?

A shotgun size chart visually outlines various shotgun gauges and their sizes, aiding shooters in selecting the right firearm. This tool facilitates informed decisions by presenting options clearly. Exploring its utility reveals the tradeoffs between gauge size, recoil, and intended use, emphasizing the need to carefully consider each factor.


Common Shotgun Gauges

Transitioning from the 12-gauge, we delve into the 20-gauge, a versatile option with less recoil, ideal for various shooting disciplines. Moving to the .410 bore, despite its small size, it boasts surprising effectiveness, particularly in niche applications.

Exploring these gauges highlights the tradeoffs between power, manageability, and niche suitability, underscoring the importance of thoughtful consideration when consulting the Shotgun Size Chart.

Matching Shotgun Size to Game

Transitioning to specific game types, waterfowl hunting demands the right gauge for ethical and effective shooting. Different waterfowl species necessitate varying shotgun sizes to ensure success across diverse environments. Shifting the focus to upland game hunting, optimal shotgun sizes and configurations are crucial for maneuverability and quick shots. From quail to pheasant, understanding preferred gauges enhances hunting efficiency.

Finally, in deer hunting, selecting the appropriate shotgun size maximizes effectiveness in the deer stand. Exploring suitable gauges and ammunition choices highlights the importance of precision and ethical hunting practices. Balancing these factors underscores the significance of consulting the Shotgun Size Chart for informed decisions.

Shotgun Size Chart: A Visual Reference

Transitioning to the Shotgun Size Chart, a comprehensive comparison awaits. Explore a detailed visual representation showcasing various gauges side by side, emphasizing key dimensions and specifications.

This visual aid serves as a valuable resource, empowering shooters to make informed decisions when selecting their next shotgun. By leveraging this tool, you can navigate the tradeoffs involved in balancing different factors and overcome the challenges associated with varying approaches.

Ultimately, the Shotgun Size Chart enhances your ability to consider the impact of your decisions, ensuring that your chosen firearm aligns perfectly with your shooting needs and preferences.


Equipped with insights from this shotgun size chart guide, you’re empowered to select the ideal shotgun for your shooting endeavors. Whether a seasoned sportsman or a novice enthusiast, grasping shotgun sizes is paramount for enhancing your shooting experience. By considering the impact and balancing various factors, you can make informed decisions that align with your shooting preferences and goals.


What is the most common shotgun gauge?
The 12-gauge shotgun is the most prevalent choice among shooters for its versatility and wide availability of ammunition.

Are smaller gauges suitable for beginners?
Smaller gauges like the 20-gauge and .410 bore often offer less recoil, making them more manageable for beginners or those sensitive to kick.

Which shotgun gauge is best for waterfowl hunting?
For waterfowl hunting, the 12-gauge and 20-gauge shotguns are commonly recommended due to their effectiveness in taking down ducks and geese.

What factors should I consider when selecting a shotgun size for deer hunting?
When deer hunting, factors such as the range of your shots, the size of the deer, and the terrain you’ll be hunting in should all influence your choice of shotgun size.

Can I use the same shotgun for different types of games?
While some shotguns are versatile enough to be used for multiple types of game, it’s often recommended to tailor your shotgun selection to the specific game you’ll be hunting for optimal performance.