North Face Cargo Pants Size Chart

North Face cargo pants are essential for outdoor enthusiasts and city dwellers, offering durability and style. Finding the right size is crucial for comfort and performance. North Face provides a detailed size chart on their website to assist shoppers.

This article explores the importance of sizing, the purpose of the chart, and offers tips for navigating it effectively. Consideration of tradeoffs and challenges in sizing decisions is emphasized.

North Face Cargo Pants Size Chart

Men’s Sizing

Size (Waist)Waist RangeHip RangeInseam (Short)Inseam (Reg.)Inseam (Long)
30 (S)29-30 in35-36 in29.5 in31.5 in33 in
32 (M)31-32 in37-38 in30.0 in32 in34 in
34 (M)33-34 in39-40 in30.0 in32 in34 in
36 (L)35-36 in37-38 in30.0 in32 in34 in
38 (L)37-38 in43-44 in30.5 in32.5 in34.5 in
40 (XL)39-40 in44-45 in30.5 in32.5 in34.5 in
42 (XL)41-42 in46-47 in30.5 in32.5 in34.5 in
44 (2XL)43-44 in50.5-52.5 in30 in32 in34 in
2X46-48 in50.5-52.5 in30 in32 in34 in
3X50-52 in54.5-56.5 in30 in32 in34 in
4X54-56 in58.5-60.5 in30 in32 in34 in
5X58-60 in62.5-64.5 in30 in32 in34 in

Women’s Sizing

SizeWaist RangeHip RangeInseam (Short)Inseam (Reg.)Inseam (Long)
XS (0)25-26 in34-35 in28.5 in30.5 in32.5 in
XS (2)26-27 in35-36 in28.5 in30.5 in32.5 in
S (4)27-28 in36-37 in29.0 in31.0 in33.0 in
S (6)28-29 in37-38 in29.0 in31.0 in33.0 in
M (8)29-30 in38-39 in29.0 in31.0 in33.0 in
M (10)30-31 in39-40 in29.0 in31.0 in33.0 in
L (12)31-33 in40-42 in29.0 in31.0 in33.0 in
L (14)33-35 in42-44 in29.5 in31.5 in33.5 in
XL (16)35-37 in44-46 in29.5 in31.5 in33.5 in
XL (16)37-39 in46-48 in29.5 in31.5 in33.5 in
1X (14)36-37 in46-47 in28 in30 in30 in
1X (16)37-38 in47-48 in28 in30 in30 in
2X (18)40-41 in50-51 in28 in30 in30 in
2X (20)41-42 in51-52 in28 in30 in30 in
3X (22)44-45 in54-55 in28 in30 in30 in
3X (24)45-46 in55-56 in28 in30 in30 in

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Understanding North Face Sizing

North Face employs a standardized sizing system for their clothing, ensuring consistency across their product range. However, it’s essential to note the distinctions between men’s, women’s, and unisex sizing options. Understanding these differences allows customers to select garments tailored to their body shapes and preferences.

When considering fit preferences, such as slim fit or regular fit, shoppers must balance style with functionality. While a slim fit may offer a sleek appearance, it could restrict movement during outdoor activities. Conversely, a regular fit provides more freedom of movement but may lack the streamlined look some prefer.

Navigating North Face sizing involves considering these tradeoffs and selecting the option that best aligns with individual needs and preferences. By doing so, customers can optimize comfort and performance while maximizing satisfaction with their North Face cargo pants purchase.

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Using the North Face Cargo Pants Size Chart

Accessing the size chart on the North Face website is the first step towards ensuring a proper fit for your cargo pants. Once on the website, locating the size chart is straightforward, typically found on the product page or in the site’s navigation menu.

Understanding the measurements provided, including waist, inseam, hip, and other dimensions, is crucial for selecting the right size. Each measurement corresponds to specific areas of the body, helping shoppers determine which size will offer the best fit.

To obtain accurate measurements, using a measuring tape is recommended. Ensuring the tape is snug but not too tight around the body allows for precise readings. Additionally, measuring over clothing or with inconsistent tension can result in inaccurate measurements, impacting the fit of the cargo pants.

Balancing the accuracy of measurements with ease of measurement can be a challenge, especially for those unfamiliar with taking body measurements. However, investing time and effort into obtaining precise measurements is essential for selecting the correct size and optimizing comfort and performance.

By carefully following these tips and utilizing the North Face cargo pants size chart effectively, shoppers can make informed sizing decisions and enhance their overall satisfaction with their purchase.

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Comparing Size Charts for Different Styles

North Face offers a diverse range of cargo pants styles, each designed to cater to specific activities and preferences. Styles such as Exploration, Paramount, and Motion provide unique features tailored to various outdoor pursuits.

However, it’s important to note that size charts may vary between these different styles. Factors such as fabric composition, intended use, and design features can influence sizing requirements. For example, pants designed for rugged outdoor adventures may have a slightly different fit compared to those intended for casual urban wear.

When comparing size charts for different styles, shoppers should pay close attention to any variations in measurements and fit recommendations. Some styles may run larger or smaller than others, requiring adjustments in sizing selection.

To navigate these differences effectively, consider trying on multiple sizes or referring to customer reviews for insights into sizing consistency across different styles. Additionally, consulting with North Face customer service or visiting a retail store for personalized assistance can provide further guidance in selecting the right size.

Balancing the desire for a specific style with the need for a proper fit can present challenges for shoppers. While opting for a larger size may offer more room for movement and layering in outdoor settings, it could result in a less flattering fit for everyday wear. Conversely, choosing a smaller size for a sleeker look may sacrifice comfort and mobility during activities.

Ultimately, selecting the right size across different styles requires careful consideration of individual preferences, intended use, and fit expectations. By understanding the variations in size charts and utilizing available resources, shoppers can make informed decisions and find the perfect fit for their North Face cargo pants, enhancing both comfort and performance.


Navigating the North Face cargo pants size chart is crucial for securing a comfortable and functional fit. By understanding how North Face sizes their clothing, accessing the size chart on their website, and comparing size charts for different styles, shoppers can make informed decisions. Considering fit preferences and seeking assistance when needed ensures satisfaction with the purchase, enhancing comfort and performance in various activities.


1. Are North Face cargo pants true to size?

While North Face strives for consistency in sizing, variations may exist between different styles. Referencing the size chart and customer reviews can help determine the best fit for you.

2. Do North Face cargo pants shrink after washing?

Most North Face cargo pants are made from durable materials that resist shrinking. However, following the care instructions on the garment tag can help maintain their size and shape over time.

3. How do I know if I’m measuring myself correctly for North Face cargo pants?

Using a measuring tape and following the guidelines provided on the North Face website can ensure accurate measurements. It’s essential to measure yourself while standing upright and to avoid pulling the tape too tightly.

4. What if I fall between sizes on the North Face size chart?

If you find yourself between sizes, consider your fit preferences and intended use of the cargo pants. Opting for the larger size may provide more room for movement and layering, while the smaller size may offer a sleeker look.

5. Do North Face cargo pants for men and women have the same sizing?

While North Face strives for consistency, there may be slight variations between men’s and women’s sizing due to differences in body proportions. It’s recommended to refer to the specific size chart for the intended gender.

6. Can I exchange or return North Face cargo pants if they don’t fit?

North Face typically offers a return or exchange policy for unworn and unwashed items within a specified timeframe. Be sure to check the company’s return policy and procedures for details on exchanges or returns.