H&M Cargo Conversion Pants Size Chart

Embarking on a fashion journey can be daunting, especially when hunting for the ideal cargo pants fit. H&M, a leading fashion retailer, boasts a diverse range of cargo pants. Mastering their size chart is crucial for a perfect fit. In this guide, we’ll decode H&M’s cargo pants size chart, simplifying your search for the perfect pair.

H&M Cargo Pants Size Chart

Women’s Cargo Pants Sizing:

Waist (inch)22¾-24½24½-2626-27½
Waist (cm)58-6262-6666-70
Low hip (inch)32¼-33¾33¾-35½35½-37
Low hip (cm)82-8686-9090-94
Low hip curvy (inch)35½-3737-38½38½-40¼
Low hip curvy (cm)90-9494-9898-102
Inside leg length (inch)31¼31¼31
Inside leg length (cm)79.579.579

Men’s Cargo Pants Sizing:

Waist (cm)66-7474-8282-9090-98.598.5-107.5107.5-116.5116.5-125.5
Low hip (cm)85.5-91.591.5-97.597.5-103.5103.5-109.5109.5-115.5115.5-121.5121.5-127.5
Inside leg length (cm)8182838484.58585.5

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Understanding H&M’s Sizing System

Before delving into the intricacies of the cargo pants size chart, let’s acquaint ourselves with H&M’s sizing methodology. H&M predominantly employs numeric sizes, spanning from 0 to 18 for women and XS to XXL for men. Grasping the correlation between these sizes and your measurements is crucial for selecting the perfect fit. This comprehension lays the foundation for navigating H&M’s cargo pants size chart effectively.

Deciphering the H&M Cargo Pants Size Chart

H&M equips shoppers with a comprehensive cargo pants size chart, encompassing vital measurements like waist circumference, hip circumference, and inseam length. Unraveling this chart is indispensable for securing cargo pants that offer comfort and style.

Let’s dissect each facet of the size chart methodically, ensuring you’re equipped to make well-informed decisions tailored to your preferences and physique.

Tips for Accurate Measurement

Ensuring precise measurements is crucial for pinpointing the perfect size of cargo pants. Here, we’ll equip you with invaluable tips and techniques to accurately measure your waist, hips, and inseam length. By implementing these strategies, you’ll obtain meticulous measurements that align seamlessly with H&M’s size chart, facilitating a streamlined shopping experience and guaranteeing a comfortable fit.

Choosing the Right Size

Having honed your measurement skills and grasped H&M’s sizing system, it’s time to embark on the journey of selecting the ideal size of cargo pants. We’ll delve into interpreting your measurements vis-à-vis H&M’s size chart, empowering you to confidently discern the perfect size for a fit that seamlessly combines comfort and style.

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Navigating Between Men’s and Women’s Sizes

H&M presents an array of cargo pants tailored for both men and women, each boasting its unique sizing range. Here, we’ll delve into the nuances differentiating men’s and women’s sizes, offering valuable insights into seamlessly navigating between the two categories to discover your perfect cargo pants fit.

By understanding these distinctions, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions that cater to your individual preferences and physique.


In wrapping up, mastering H&M’s cargo pants size chart opens the door to a realm of comfortable and stylish attire. Armed with the insights gleaned from this guide, you can confidently navigate the aisles of fashion, selecting cargo pants that epitomize both style and comfort. Bid farewell to the woes of ill-fitting pants and welcome a wardrobe adorned with perfectly tailored cargo pants from H&M.


1. What size should I choose if I’m in between two sizes on the H&M size chart?

If you find yourself between two sizes on the H&M size chart, it’s generally advisable to opt for the larger size. This ensures a more comfortable fit, allowing room for movement without feeling too tight.

2. Do H&M cargo pants run true to size, or should I size up or down?

H&M’s sizing can vary slightly between different styles and collections. It’s recommended to consult the specific size chart provided for each item and consider factors such as fabric composition and desired fit. In some cases, customers may find it necessary to size up or down based on personal preference.

3. Are H&M cargo pants designed with stretch fabric, or should I stick to my exact measurements?

Many H&M cargo pants incorporate stretch fabric to provide flexibility and comfort. While adhering to your exact measurements is generally a good practice, the inclusion of stretch fabric can allow for some flexibility in sizing.

4. How do I know if I should opt for regular, petite, or plus sizes in H&M cargo pants?

H&M offers a range of sizes, including regular, petite, and plus sizes, to accommodate different body types. Consider your height and body proportions when selecting between regular and petite sizes, while plus sizes cater to those needing additional room in the waist and hips.

5. I’m shopping online and don’t have access to try on the cargo pants. How can I ensure the right fit?

Utilize H&M’s detailed size charts and measurement guides available on their website to determine the best size for you. Additionally, reading customer reviews can provide insights into the fit of the cargo pants and help you make an informed decision.