Golden Goose Women’s Conversion Size Chart

Stepping into the shoe aisle can feel like wandering through a maze, especially when faced with international brands like Golden Goose. But fret not! We’ve crafted the ultimate guide to simplify your journey through the Golden Goose Women’s Conversion Size Chart. With our help, you’ll breeze through the sizing puzzle with confidence.

Golden Goose Women’s Conversion Size Chart

Women’s Shoes

UK SIZE123456789
US SIZE456789101112
JP SIZE22.3023.0023.7024.3025.0025.7026.3027.0027.70
KR SIZE223230237243250257263270277
DISTANCE HEEL TOE (cm)22.3023.0023.7024.3025.0025.7026.3027.0027.70

Women’s Blazer

HEM WIDTH97.0101.0105.0109.0113.0117.0
HIP CIRCUMFERENCE93.097.0101.0105.0109.0113.0
TOTAL LENGTH69.0070.0071.0072.0073.0074.00
SLEEVE LENGTH61.3061.9062.5063.1063.7064.30
NECK TO SHOULDER LENGTH12.2012.6013.0013.4013.8014.20

Women’s Round-Neck Cotton Sweatshirt

CHEST CIRCUMFERENCE90.094.098.0102.0106.0110.0
TOTAL LENGTH58.0059.0060.0061.0062.0063.00
SLEEVE LENGTH60.0060.5061.0061.5062.0062.50
NECK TO SHOULDER LENGTH11.6012.0012.4012.8013.2013.60

Women’s Sleeveless T-shirt

HEM WIDTH92.096.0100.0104.0108.0112.0
TOTAL LENGTH59.0060.0061.0062.0063.0064.00
NECK TO SHOULDER LENGTH10.7011.1011.5011.9012.3012.70

Women’s Jeans Pants

BACK CROTCH LENGTH27.8028.2028.6029.0029.4029.8030.2030.6031.00
FRONT CROTCH LENGTH20.3020.7021.1021.5021.9022.3022.7023.1023.50
INSIDE LEG LENGTH112.00113.00114.00115.00116.00117.00118.00119.00120.00

Understanding Golden Goose Sizing

Golden Goose sizing sets itself apart from conventional charts, necessitating a thorough grasp of their distinct system. Transitioning to their sizing scheme demands attention to detail, ensuring a seamless fit with their footwear offerings.

Deciphering European Sizes

Embarking on the journey with European sizes, mastering the conversion from your local size to Golden Goose’s European measurements emerges as a pivotal step. Transitioning seamlessly to their sizing standard entails meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a snug fit with Golden Goose footwear.

Cracking the US Size Code

For those versed in US sizing, unveiling the correlation between your typical size and Golden Goose’s US measurements emerges as imperative. Transitioning smoothly to their sizing standard demands precision, ensuring optimal comfort and fit with Golden Goose footwear.

Converting UK Sizes

If you’re accustomed to UK sizing, rest assured, as we’ll navigate you through the conversion process seamlessly, guaranteeing an impeccable fit with Golden Goose. Transitioning effortlessly to their sizing standard requires attention to detail, ensuring the utmost comfort and satisfaction with Golden Goose footwear.

Unlocking Centimeter Measurements

Delving into the centimeter measurements provided by Golden Goose can provide a precise understanding of your foot size in their shoes. Transitioning to this method offers an accurate depiction of your foot’s dimensions, ensuring a tailored fit and optimal comfort with Golden Goose footwear.

Tips for a Perfect Fit

In addition to comprehending the conversion chart, we’ll offer practical tips to guarantee your Golden Goose shoes fit flawlessly. Implementing these suggestions facilitates an impeccable fit, enhancing your comfort and satisfaction with every step in Golden Goose footwear.

Navigating Width Options

Delve into Golden Goose’s width options to ensure comfort and support personalized to your foot shape. Exploring these choices allows for customization, and optimizing your footwear experience with Golden Goose.


With this comprehensive guide at your disposal, you are now prepared to confidently navigate the Golden Goose Women’s Conversion Size Chart and effortlessly find the perfect pair of shoes. Armed with knowledge and insights, you can make informed decisions tailored to your preferences and needs. Remember to consider factors like comfort, fit, and style when selecting your Golden Goose footwear, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience with every step.


What should I do if my usual shoe size doesn’t match Golden Goose’s sizing chart?

Answer: If your regular shoe size doesn’t align with Golden Goose’s sizing chart, it’s recommended to refer to their conversion chart for accurate measurements. Remember, sizing can vary between brands, so it’s essential to prioritize the measurements provided by Golden Goose for the best fit.

Are Golden Goose shoes true to size?

Answer: Golden Goose shoes generally run true to size, but it’s essential to consult their conversion chart and consider factors like width options and personal preferences for the perfect fit. Some styles may fit slightly differently, so it’s beneficial to try on different sizes if possible.

How do I convert my US shoe size to Golden Goose’s sizing system?

Answer: Converting your US shoe size to Golden Goose’s sizing system is simple with their conversion chart. Match your US size to the corresponding Golden Goose size to find the best fit. Keep in mind that it’s always recommended to check the measurements provided for accuracy.

What if I’m in between sizes according to the conversion chart?

Answer: If you find yourself between sizes according to the conversion chart, consider factors like the width options available and your preferred fit. Golden Goose offers various width options, so you can choose a size that accommodates your foot shape comfortably.

Can I return or exchange my Golden Goose shoes if they don’t fit?

Answer: Golden Goose typically offers a return or exchange policy for unworn and undamaged items within a specified period. Check their website or contact their customer service for details on their return policy and procedures.