The Complete Guide to Decathlon Cargo Pants Size Chart

Decathlon cargo pants stand out for their tough build, useful features, and cozy feel. Yet, picking the correct size can sometimes feel like solving a puzzle. This guide sets out to streamline this process by diving into the Decathlon cargo pants size chart. It aims to furnish valuable insights to help you nail down the perfect fit, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Transition: Now, let’s unravel the intricacies of Decathlon’s cargo pants sizing system, empowering you to make informed choices.

Decathlon Cargo Pants Size Chart

Men’s bottoms

XS31.50 – 33.50<33.8626 – 28
S33.86 – 35.83<35.2528.34 – 30.31
M36,22 – 38.19<35.2530.71 – 32.68
L38.58 – 40.94<34.6533.07 – 35.04
XL41.34 – 43.70<34.6535.43 – 38.19
2XL44.09 – 46.46<34.6538.58 – 41.34
3XL46.85 – 49.61<34.6541.73 – 44.49
4XL50 – 53.15<34.6544.88 – 48.43
5XL53.54<34.6548.82 – 52.36

Men’s Bottoms (Two lengths)

W28 L3031.50 – 33.50<31.1026 – 28< 5’9″
W28 L3331.50 – 33.5031.50 – 33.8626 – 28> 5’9″
W30 L3133.86 – 35.83<31.5028.34 – 30.31< 5’9″
W30 L3333.86 – 35.8331.89 – 34.2528.34 – 30.31> 5’9″
W32 L3136,22 – 38.19<32.2830.71 – 32.68< 5’9″
W32 L3336,22 – 38.1932.68 – 34.2530.71 – 32.68> 5’9″
W34 L3238.58 – 40.94<32.6833.07 – 35.04< 5’9″
W34 L3438.58 – 40.9433.07 – 34.6533.07 – 35.04> 5’9″
W37 L3241.34 – 43.70<32.6835.43 – 38.19< 5’9″
W37 L3441.34 – 43.7033.07 – 34.6535.43 – 38.19> 5’9″
W41 L3244.09 – 46.46<32.6838.58 – 41.34< 5’9″
W41 L3444.09 – 46.4633.07 – 34.6538.58 – 41.34> 5’9″
W44 L3246.85 – 49.61<32.6841.73 – 44.49< 5’9″
W44 L3446.85 – 49.6133.07 – 34.6541.73 – 44.49> 5’9″
W48 L3250 – 53.15<32.6844.88 – 48.43< 5’9″
W48 L3450 – 53.1533.07 – 34.6544.88 – 48.43> 5’9″
W52 L3253.54<32.6848.82 – 52.36< 5’9″
W52 L3453.5433.07 – 34.6548.82 – 52.36> 5’9″

Women’s Bottoms

2XS31 – 34″79 – 85
XS34 – 35″85 – 90
S35 – 38″90 – 96
M38 – 40″96 – 102
L40 – 43″102 – 108
XL43 – 45″108 – 114
2XL45 – 47″114 – 120
3XL47 – 50″120 – 127
4XL50 – 54″127 – 136
5XL54 – 57″136 – 145

Women’s Bottoms (Two Lengths)

W24 L2832 – 34″< 29″
W24 L3032 – 34″30 – 32″
W26 L2834 – 35″< 29″
W26 L3034 – 35″30 – 32″
W28 L2935 – 38″< 30″
W28 L3135 – 38″30 – 32″
W30 L2938 – 40″< 30″
W30 L3138 – 40″30 – 32″
W33 L2940 – 43″< 30″
W33 L3140 – 43″30 – 32″
W35 L2943 – 45″< 30″
W35 L3143 – 45″30 – 32″
W38 L2945 – 47″< 30″
W38 L3145 – 47″30 – 32″
W41 L2947 – 50″< 30″
W41 L3147 – 50″30 – 32″
W45 L2950 – 54″< 30″
W45 L3150 – 54″30 – 32″
W49 L2954 – 57″< 30″
W49 L3154 – 57″30 – 32″

Understanding Decathlon Cargo Pants Size Chart

Decathlon takes a thorough approach to sizing its cargo pants, ensuring they accommodate a wide array of body shapes and sizes. By incorporating multiple measurements, they aim to provide a personalized fit for every customer. Now, let’s dissect the crucial elements of the size chart to streamline your decision-making process.

Transition: As we delve into Decathlon’s sizing system, it becomes evident that achieving the perfect fit involves considering various factors and tradeoffs. Let’s explore how understanding these complexities can lead to informed choices.

Waist Measurement

The waist measurement stands as a cornerstone in determining the suitability of cargo pants. Decathlon offers clear instructions for gauging your waist size, ensuring alignment with their size chart for an accurate match.

Transition: Mastering the waist measurement is crucial, as it sets the foundation for a well-fitted pair of cargo pants. Let’s explore the nuances involved and how they influence your overall comfort and satisfaction.

Inseam Length

Inseam length holds significant sway over the overall comfort and fit of cargo pants. Decathlon presents a variety of inseam options to cater to individuals of varying heights. Discover the process of measuring your inseam and deciphering Decathlon’s sizing choices to find your perfect match.

Transition: The inseam length is not to be overlooked, as it directly influences how your cargo pants feel and function. Let’s delve into its importance and the considerations it entails for an optimal wearing experience.

Hip and Thigh Measurements

In addition to waist and inseam, Decathlon’s size chart encompasses hip and thigh measurements, crucial for achieving a customized fit that prioritizes comfort and mobility. Uncover the techniques for assessing these dimensions and pinpointing the ideal size tailored to your unique body type.

Transition: Delving into hip and thigh measurements unveils another layer of precision in Decathlon’s sizing system. Let’s explore why these measurements are pivotal and how they contribute to an enhanced wearing experience.

Finding Your Ideal Size

Equipped with a thorough understanding of Decathlon’s cargo pants size chart and its interpretation, this section offers actionable advice for streamlining your choices and arriving at an educated decision. From factoring in your body shape to discerning your unique fit preferences, we’ll navigate you through the selection process.

Transition: Armed with insights into Decathlon’s sizing nuances, let’s embark on the journey of finding your perfect fit, balancing various factors to ensure comfort, functionality, and style.

Tips for Ensuring a Perfect Fit

Despite the wealth of information provided by the size chart, attaining the perfect fit often demands additional attention to detail. This section delves into practical strategies and techniques for guaranteeing your Decathlon cargo pants hug your body just right. From experimenting with different outfits to evaluating comfort and mobility, we’ll uncover the secrets to achieving an impeccable fit.

Transition: While the size chart offers a solid starting point, fine-tuning your fit requires a nuanced approach. Let’s explore how these tips can help you navigate the nuances of fit, ensuring your cargo pants feel tailored to your individual preferences and needs.


Fear not the Decathlon cargo pants size chart. Armed with understanding and practical tips, confidently select your ideal pair. Embrace comfort, function, and style with Decathlon’s tailored apparel. By navigating complexities and considering impacts, find the perfect fit for your adventures. With clarity and guidance, seize the opportunity to enhance your wardrobe and experiences.


1. Are Decathlon cargo pants true to size?

Decathlon strives to maintain consistency in sizing across their range of cargo pants. However, individual fit preferences and body shapes may vary, so it’s essential to consult the size chart and consider trying on different sizes if unsure.

2. What if I fall between two sizes on the Decathlon size chart?

If you find yourself between sizes, Decathlon recommends considering your fit preferences and intended use of the pants. Opting for a slightly larger size may offer more room for movement, while a smaller size might provide a snugger fit.

3. Can I exchange my Decathlon cargo pants if they don’t fit?

Yes, Decathlon typically offers exchanges for items that don’t fit as expected. Be sure to check their return and exchange policy for specific details on how to proceed with returning or exchanging your cargo pants.

4. Do Decathlon cargo pants shrink after washing?

Decathlon designs their cargo pants to withstand normal washing without significant shrinkage. However, it’s essential to follow the care instructions provided with the pants to ensure longevity and maintain their original fit.

5. How do I know if the inseam length of Decathlon cargo pants will be suitable for my height?

Decathlon provides a range of inseam lengths to accommodate various heights. Refer to their size chart and measure your inseam to find the best match. Additionally, consider your footwear preferences and whether you prefer a longer or shorter inseam for your desired look and functionality.

6. Are Decathlon cargo pants suitable for different body shapes?

Decathlon aims to offer inclusive sizing options to accommodate diverse body shapes. However, individual preferences and proportions may vary, so it’s advisable to consult the size chart and consider trying on different styles to find the most flattering fit for your body type.