Converse Size Chart

Navigating the maze of sizes and measurements for Converse shoes can be daunting. But fear not! This guide will shed light on finding your perfect fit. With clarity and simplicity, we’ll decode the Converse size chart, empowering you to make informed decisions. From understanding measurements to exploring various factors, we’ll navigate together toward comfortable and stylish footwear tailored just for you.

Converse Size Chart


53358 2/3
5.53.5368 6/7
6.54.5379 1/5
7537.59 4/9
7.55.5389 2/3
86399 2/3
8.56.539.59 5/6
9.57.54110 1/4
10841.510 3/7
10.58.54210 5/8
11942.510 5/6
12104411 2/9
12.510.544.511 3/7
13114511 3/5
13.511.54611 4/5
15134812 2/5
16144912 3/5


353358 2/3 6/7
46436.59 1/5
57537.59 4/9 2/3
686399 2/3 5/6
7974010 1/4
810841.510 3/7
8.510.58.54210 5/8
911942.510 5/6
1012104411 2/9
10.512.510.544.511 3/7
1113114511 3/5
11.513.511.54611 4/5
1315134812 2/5
1416144912 3/5

Kids’ Shoes

US SizeRuns a half size largeFit may vary. See product page.Foot Length (in)
10C10C10C6 2/3″
10.5C10C10.5C6 4/5″
11.5C11C11.5C7 1/6″
12C11.5C12C7 1/3″
12.5C12C12.5C7 1/2″
13C12.5C13C7 2/3″
13.5C13C13.5C7 4/5″
1.5Y1Y1.5Y8 1/7″
2Y1.5Y2Y8 1/3″
2.5Y2Y2.5Y8 1/2″
3Y2.5Y3Y8 2/3″
3.5Y3Y3.5Y8 5/6″
4.5Y4Y4.5Y9 1/7″
5Y4.5Y5Y9 1/6″
5.5Y5Y5.5Y9 1/2″
6Y5.5Y6Y9 2/3″

Understanding Converse Sizing

Before delving into the size chart, let’s grasp the fundamentals of Converse shoe sizing and its unique distinctions from other brands. Unraveling the mystery behind Converse sizing is key to informed decision-making. Understanding these nuances allows us to navigate the size chart effectively, considering various factors for optimal comfort and style.

Deciphering the Size Chart

The Converse size chart isn’t merely a numeric grid; it’s a guide to comfort and style. Let’s dissect each segment to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. By breaking down the size chart, we’ll navigate through its intricacies, weighing various factors to strike the perfect balance between fit and fashion. It’s crucial to consider the implications of our decisions when consulting the Converse Size Chart.

Tips for Accurate Measurements

To secure the ideal fit, precision in measurement is paramount. Uncover essential techniques for measuring your feet adeptly, guaranteeing a seamless fit for your Converse shoes. By mastering these tips, you’ll equip yourself with the expertise needed to ensure your footwear feels tailor-made. It’s crucial to acknowledge the tradeoffs and challenges in measurement accuracy when consulting the Converse Size Chart, as they directly impact your overall comfort and satisfaction.

Finding Your Size: Men, Women, and Kids

When shopping for men, women, or kids, understanding the Converse size chart can simplify the process with proper guidance. Let’s delve into the nuances of sizing across genders and age brackets.

By comprehending these distinctions, you’ll navigate the size chart with confidence, ensuring the perfect fit for every member of the family. It’s essential to recognize the tradeoffs and challenges inherent in accommodating diverse sizing needs, as they influence the comfort and satisfaction of each wearer.

Width Matters: Understanding Width Options

Width is a crucial factor in shoe comfort. Discover the array of width options offered in Converse footwear and master the art of selecting the optimal width for your feet. By understanding these choices, you’ll ensure a snug and supportive fit.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge the tradeoffs and challenges involved in balancing width preferences, as they directly impact overall comfort and satisfaction. When consulting the Converse Size Chart, considering width options can significantly enhance your footwear experience.

International Sizing Conversion

Global Converse fans must grasp international sizing conversions for a seamless shopping journey. Learn the ropes of converting your local shoe size to ensure a hassle-free experience, regardless of your location.

However, it’s essential to recognize the tradeoffs and challenges inherent in international sizing conversions, as discrepancies may arise. When consulting the Converse Size Chart, accounting for international conversions ensures an accurate fit across borders, enhancing your footwear satisfaction.

Common Sizing Pitfalls and Solutions

Despite a comprehensive grasp of the size chart, pitfalls may still surface. Explore prevalent sizing hurdles and effective solutions to guarantee a flawless fit for your Converse shoes on every occasion.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the tradeoffs inherent in addressing common sizing challenges, as they may require adjustments in preferences or styles. When consulting the Converse Size Chart, anticipating and overcoming sizing pitfalls ensures consistent comfort and satisfaction with your footwear choices.

Fitting Room Etiquette: Trying Before Buying

Occasionally, trying on shoes in person is the optimal approach to finding your ideal size. Delve into fitting room etiquette and expert advice for assessing the fit of your Converse shoes before committing to a purchase.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the tradeoffs associated with in-store fittings, as they may require additional time and effort. When consulting the Converse Size Chart, incorporating fitting room trials ensures confidence in your footwear selection, leading to enhanced comfort and satisfaction.


In conclusion, the Converse size chart need not be an intimidating barrier. With this guide as your ally, you’ll effortlessly traverse the realm of Converse sizing, ensuring your footwear embodies both style and comfort. However, it’s essential to recognize the tradeoffs inherent in selecting the perfect size, as various factors may influence your decision. By considering the impact of each choice when consulting the Converse Size Chart, you’ll embark on a journey towards footwear bliss, where every step is a testament to your impeccable taste and unparalleled comfort.


Q: How do I know which size of Converse shoes to choose if I’m between two sizes?
A: If you’re between sizes, it’s generally recommended to size down for Converse shoes, especially for Chuck Taylor All-Stars, as they tend to run slightly large. However, if you have wider feet or prefer a roomier fit, sizing up may be more comfortable.

Q: Do Converse shoes fit true to size?
A: Converse sizing can vary depending on the style and individual preferences. While some find that Converse shoes fit true to size, others may prefer to size up or down based on factors such as foot width and desired fit.

Q: How do I convert my local shoe size to Converse sizing?
A: To convert your local shoe size to Converse sizing, refer to the brand’s size chart and compare it to your usual shoe size. Keep in mind any international sizing differences and consider trying on Converse shoes in person for the most accurate fit.

Q: Are Converse shoes suitable for wide feet?
A: Converse offers various width options, including wide widths, to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes. If you have wide feet, consider opting for styles with wider width options or sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

Q: Can I wear the same size in Converse shoes for men, women, and kids?
A: While Converse shoes for men, women, and kids may share similar sizing, there can be slight differences between them. It’s essential to consult the appropriate size chart for each category and consider factors such as foot width and preferred fit when selecting the size.