Burberry Women’s Size Chart

Navigating the fashion realm often feels like solving a puzzle, especially when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Understanding Burberry’s women’s size chart is essential for ensuring your clothes fit flawlessly. By grasping these measurements, you empower yourself to select garments that complement your body shape and style.

Let’s explore the intricacies of Burberry’s sizing system and unlock a world of fashion tailored to you.

Women’s Coats, Jackets, Shirts, Skirts, Trousers and Dresses

00030Bust 68cm
Waist 54cm
Hips 76cm
00032Bust 72cm
Waist 57cm
Hips 80cm
2034Bust 76cm
Waist 60cm
Hips 84cm
4236Bust 80cm
Waist 63cm
Hips 88cm
6438Bust 84cm
Waist 67cm
Hips 92cm
8640Bust 88cm
Waist 71cm
Hips 96cm
10842Bust 92cm
Waist 75cm
Hips 100cm
121044Bust 96cm
Waist 79cm
Hips 104cm
141246Bust 100cm
Waist 84cm
Hips 108cm
161448Bust 104cm
Waist 89cm
Hips 112cm
181650Bust 109cm
Waist 94cm
Hips 116cm
XXXSBust 68cm
Waist 51cm
Hips 76cm
XXSBust 74cm
Waist 57cm
Hips 82cm
XSBust 80cm
Waist 63cm
Hips 88cm
SBust 86cm
Waist 69cm
Hips 94cm
MBust 92cm
Waist 75cm
Hips 100cm
LBust 98cm
Waist 81cm
Hips 106cm
XLBust 104cm
Waist 87cm
Hips 112cm
XXLBust 110cm
Waist 93cm
Hips 118cm

Women’s knitwear, t-shirts and polos

XXSBust 76cm
Waist 59cm
Hips 84cm
XSBust 82cm
Waist 65cm
Hips 90cm
SBust 88cm
Waist 71cm
Hips 96cm
MBust 94cm
Waist 77cm
Hips 102cm
LBust 100cm
Waist 83cm
Hips 108cm
XLBust 106cm
Waist 89cm
Hips 114cm
XXLBust 112cm
Waist 95cm
Hips 120cm

Women’s denim

24Waist 60cm
Hips 87cm
25Waist 62.5cm
Hips 89.5cm
26Waist 65cm
Hips 92cm
27Waist 67.5cm
Hips 94.5cm
28Waist 70cm
Hips 97cm
29Waist 72.5cm
Hips 99.5cm
30Waist 75cm
Hips 102cm
31Waist 77.5cm
Hips 105cm
32Waist 80cm
Hips 107cm

Women’s shoes


Women’s belts


Women’s gloves

One Size15.0-21cm


One Size54-59cm

Why Size Charts Matter

Before plunging into the intricacies of Burberry’s size chart, it’s vital to understand why grasping size charts holds immense significance for every fashion enthusiast. By comprehending size charts, individuals can make informed decisions about their clothing purchases, ensuring they achieve the perfect fit.

This knowledge empowers shoppers to navigate through various sizing options and styles, ultimately enhancing their overall shopping experience. Therefore, acknowledging the importance of size charts is paramount in optimizing one’s wardrobe choices and ensuring satisfaction with every garment.


Deciphering Burberry’s Size Chart

Understanding Burberry’s size chart requires a comprehensive approach to ensure accurate fitting garments. Let’s delve into the key aspects:

A. Understanding Measurements: Burberry’s size chart encompasses vital measurements such as bust, waist, hips, and more. It’s imperative to grasp the significance of each measurement to select clothing that fits impeccably.

B. Comparing International Sizing: As a global brand, Burberry’s sizing may vary across different regions. It’s crucial to compare their sizing standards with international norms to make informed choices, particularly when shopping online or while traveling.

C. Tips for Accurate Measurement: Achieving precise measurements is paramount when referencing Burberry’s size chart. Following practical tips ensures accuracy, facilitating a seamless shopping experience and minimizing the likelihood of ill-fitting attire.

Navigating Burberry’s size chart demands attention to detail and an understanding of how various factors influence sizing. By mastering these nuances, shoppers can confidently select Burberry pieces that align perfectly with their preferences and measurements.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Discovering the ideal size with Burberry involves exploring various avenues tailored to suit individual preferences:

A. Utilizing Burberry’s Online Tools: Engage with Burberry’s online tools and guides designed to streamline the sizing process. These resources provide valuable insights and recommendations to help you pinpoint your perfect fit effortlessly.

B. Consulting Customer Reviews: Tap into the experiences of fellow shoppers through customer reviews. By learning from their firsthand encounters with Burberry’s sizing, you can gain valuable insights into how different garments may fit, enabling informed decision-making.

C. Seeking Assistance from Burberry’s Customer Service: When uncertainty arises, leverage Burberry’s customer service team for personalized sizing assistance. Their expertise and guidance can alleviate concerns and ensure you make confident choices tailored to your specific measurements and preferences.

Navigating Burberry’s size chart entails exploring diverse avenues to ensure a seamless and satisfying shopping experience. By utilizing online tools, consulting customer reviews, and seeking assistance from customer service, you can overcome sizing challenges and confidently select Burberry pieces that epitomize your style and fit preferences.

Navigating Size Discrepancies

Even with precise measurements, encountering variations in fit is not uncommon. Here’s how to effectively manage such scenarios:

A. Addressing Variations in Fit: Despite meticulous measurement-taking, discrepancies in fit may still occur. By acknowledging these variations, you can adopt strategies to address them, such as considering alterations or exploring different size options to achieve the desired fit.

B. Understanding Fabric and Style Considerations: The fabric and style of a garment can significantly influence its fit. It’s essential to recognize how these factors impact sizing decisions. For instance, stretchy fabrics may accommodate different body shapes, while structured styles may require more precise measurements for an optimal fit.

Navigating size discrepancies involves recognizing the multifaceted nature of fit and considering various factors that influence garment sizing. By addressing variations in fit and understanding how fabric and style impact sizing decisions, you can make informed choices when selecting Burberry pieces that align perfectly with your preferences and measurements.


Equipped with a comprehensive grasp of Burberry’s women’s size chart, you can now confidently curate your wardrobe with the perfect pieces. Remember, it’s not merely about the size; it’s about embracing how you feel in what you wear. By considering various factors and leveraging available resources, you empower yourself to make informed decisions that enhance your fashion experience and ensure satisfaction with every garment.


Q: How do I determine my size using Burberry’s women’s size chart?
A: Refer to Burberry’s size chart and measure your bust, waist, hips, and other relevant areas according to their guidelines. Compare your measurements to the chart to find your corresponding size.

Q: Does Burberry offer different size charts for different regions?
A: Yes, as a global brand, Burberry may have variations in sizing charts for different regions. It’s essential to check the sizing chart specific to your location or refer to their international sizing guide for accurate measurements.

Q: What should I do if I fall between two sizes on Burberry’s size chart?
A: If you’re between sizes, consider the fabric and style of the garment. Opt for the larger size if you prefer a looser fit or the smaller size for a more tailored look. Additionally, consult customer reviews for insights into how the item fits.

Q: How accurate are Burberry’s online sizing tools in determining my size?
A: Burberry’s online sizing tools are designed to provide accurate sizing recommendations based on your measurements. However, factors such as fabric and personal preference can affect the fit, so it’s essential to use these tools as a guide.

Q: What if the garment I receive doesn’t fit despite following Burberry’s size chart?
A: In the rare instance that a garment doesn’t fit as expected, Burberry offers a return or exchange policy. Contact their customer service team for assistance, and they’ll be happy to help resolve any sizing issues.